Mobile Security Patrol Services: Enhancing Safety and Protection

Mobile Security Patrol Services: A Powerful & Efficient Solution In a world where security threats are constantly evolving, companies need advanced security solutions to protect their people, property and assets and to maintain peace of mind. Mobile security patrols have emerged as a highly effective and versatile means of security protection. In this post we explore the reasons why mobile security patrols are a powerful and efficient security solution to deploy. 1: Understanding Mobile Security Patrol Services When it comes […]

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When Security Patrol Companies are the Right Solution

Key Factors to Consider When Researching Security Patrol Companies There are a number of factors to consider when researching whether mobile security is the best option for your organisation. The balance between cost and value shouldn’t be underestimated and finding a security patrol company who not only understands your organisation but can tailor their service to your exact requirements should be a large part of the decision making process. How mobile security is the most cost effective solution A mobile […]

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Protecting People, Processes & Spaces in a Manufacturing Environment

Protecting People, Processes & Spaces in a Manufacturing Environment In this article we take a look at the risks to manufacturing businesses and the best ways of utilising manufacturing security provision to protect people, processes and spaces within your environment. The threat to the security of your organisation is constantly evolving from raw materials being stolen from factories to warehouses being wiped clean of their stock, industrial sites are under constant attack from both petty criminals and highly organised gangs. […]

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Key Factors to Consider for Student Accommodation Security

There are a number of factors to consider when looking at implementing a security provision for your student accommodation. Security for students and student accommodation means more than just protecting belongings and personal space, it should also consider the wider surroundings and also the welfare of the students. In this article we will consider all of the factors that should influence the selection of the right security provision for student accommodation and what is required to fully protect people, spaces, […]

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Doubling Down on Our Commitment to Mental Health Support

The Covid pandemic was a stress test for mental health support at Magenta Security. Our security officers were on the frontlines as the world around them shut down and the wellbeing of themselves and their loved ones was under threat. This moment of shared hardship was an opportunity for us to help each other relieve the pressure on our mental health through open, honest conversation and a promise that support is always available. Mental health has always been taken seriously […]

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Manned Guarding Services – Commonly Asked Questions

Manned Guarding Services – Security Questions Answered To help explain some elements of a successful security provision, we’ve compiled a list of commonly asked questions in relation to Manned Guarding Services to help you understand whether it’s right for you and your organisation. What is the difference between manned guarding services and security guards? The terms are used interchangeably within the security industry meaning that a manned guarding service is run by security guards. This could take one of two […]

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When are Manned Guards Most Appropriate

When are Manned Guards Most Appropriate Manned Guards are a security provision put in place to protect people, equipment, processes, high value assets, spaces and more but how do you decide when and where manned guarding is most appropriate for your business. In this article we detail the typical applications and organisations where manned guards have been used effectively. Manned Guards are appropriate to businesses and organisations who may be experiencing the following: An increase in crime There might be […]

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The Differences Between Static and Mobile Security Provision

Different security risk situations sometimes require static and/or mobile provision A static security guard is usually responsible for a specific area or place at an assigned location. This could be the entrance / exit of a building such as hospital entrances or security guards at high end jewellers and door supervisors on restaurants, bars, nightclubs etc. There could also be static security guards in areas where valuable equipment is located, such as machinery and equipment on a construction site or […]

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What to Expect from a Manned Guarding Security Service

What is Manned Guarding? Manned guarding (also known as on-site guarding or security guards) is a security provision put in place to protect people, equipment, processes, high value assets, spaces and more. Manned guarding protects against criminal damage, assault, vandalism and theft (to name a few) and usually takes place out of hours but sometimes when staff are still present. It is one of the most effective measures that can be taken against crime-related security risks. When hiring manned guards […]

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What to Expect from a Licensed Mobile Patrol Service

What to Expect from a Licensed Mobile Patrol Service Whether you’re actively looking for mobile security patrols, want to understand more about what to look for when hiring mobile security patrols or whether you just want to know what to expect from a licensed mobile patrol service, this article should help to answer most of the questions you have about finding the right security firm to work with and what to expect from them. There are various types of mobile […]

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