24/7 Industrial Security To Prevent
Theft From Your Supply Chain

From Magenta Security Services Ltd

Need to Hire Licensed, Trained and Insured Industrial Security Guards?

From raw materials being stolen from factories to warehouses being wiped clean of their stock. Industrial sites are under constant attack from both petty criminals and highly organised black market gangs. Don’t leave your people, products and profits at risk, hire industrial security guards from Magenta Security.

We understand that industrial security services need to be able to constantly adapt to risk levels that can vary dramatically through the year, such as the increased risk that warehouses face during the run up to Christmas. Every one of our industrial site security packages is entirely bespoke, built from the ground up for each site from a wide range of scalable industrial security services.

For example, if you need a team of full-time security guards while your ramp up production at your factory but only a nightly mobile security patrol for the rest of the year, we can arrange that. Or, if you need a temporary CCTV security solution for your construction site which can be sent back to us when you no longer need it, we can arrange that too.

Why We’re the Number One Choice for Industrial Security

We are the number one choice for industrial businesses that understand the importance of reliable and efficient security partnerships. Our highly trained security personnel provide excellent protection for your industrial site and enhance your operational continuity, minimize commercial losses, and add value to your operations by integrating seamlessly with your on-site operations.

Our unique 3-step security success approach focuses on:

Industrial security guards success secured framework diagram

How We Guarantee Peace of Mind

Whether you need an industrial security guard for one hour or an entire year, we never leave our security guards on their own. Every security guard is backed up by our 24/7 control room. As well as being supported by mobile security teams who can provide rapid response to any threats. This robust and rapid infrastructure is why Magenta Security is in the top 5% of ACS contractors and one of the most renowned industrial security companies in the UK.

If you want to find the ideal industrial security package for your site, give us a call today on 0800 772 3786.

Bespoke Security Services Tailored to You

Construction Security

Preventing theft of construction equipment and machinery from your construction site.

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Security Guards

SIA licensed and insured security guards available 24/7 throughout the UK.

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CCTV Security

Cost effective and scaleable. A powerful deterrent against vandalism and theft.

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Mobile Security Patrols

Highly visible mobile patrols for customers without the need for static guards.

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Web based CCTV Remote Monitoring

New service - from as little as £1 per camera

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