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The Threats Are Out There . . .

The Cybercrime Facts

32% of businesses and 24% of charities overall recall any breaches or attacks from the last 12 months. This is much higher for medium businesses (59%), large businesses (69%) and high-income charities with £500,000 or more in annual income (56%). Around a third (34% for businesses and 32% for charities) ended up being victims of cybercrime.

The Cost £ of Cybercrime

The average (mean) annual cost of cybercrime for businesses is estimated at approximately £15,300 per victim.
Source: Official Statistics, Cyber security breaches survey 2023. Published 19 April 2023

How Cybercrime can Affect Your Business

Here are the top three issues that businesses commonly face as a result of cybercrime:

Your Main Vulnerability:

People within Your Organisation

The main vulnerability comes from the people working within your organisation. Quite innocently, they can expose your infrastructure to attack. This susceptibility manifests in various forms, including but not limited to phishing, viruses, spyware, or malware, posing substantial risks to your organisation’s digital security.

Let’s delve deeper into these aspects:

To address these vulnerabilities, organisations should implement robust cyber security training programs to educate employees about recognising and responding to potential threats.

Our Comprehensive Cyber Security Training Program

Training: Training staff to prevent cyberattacks is vital because it empowers them with the knowledge and skills needed to recognise and respond to potential threats, reducing the risk of security breaches.

Protection: Following comprehensive cyber security training, you can enjoy a heightened level of protection that safeguards sensitive data and critical operations from potential cyber threats.

What they’ll learn …..

With this training, you and your colleagues will gain the skills to:

The training journey is simple and engaging:

With all this in place, your organisation will be fortified with the same evidence-led, practical, client-specific strategies that are proven to protect your business.
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