Our Top 5 Predictions:  Technological Advancements in Commercial Security in 2024

Here are our top five predictions for the development of technologies for this year. This overview reflects our thoughts on the latest trends and of how AI technologies are expected to evolve and impact the security industry.

1. The Rise of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in Safeguarding Businesses

As AI technology develops it is able to predict, detect and respond to incidents. It does this by reviewing patterns and anomalies and will predict potential threats, even before they actually happen. As time goes by AI promises to offer more robust security solutions. This progression is key for businesses striving to safeguard their operations in an increasingly digital world. Businesses can look forward to a more secure environment, where the integration of cutting-edge technologies continuously strengthens their defence against potential threats.

2. Sustainable Security

Sustainable security is emerging as a significant trend in commercial security due to the ever-growing recognition of environmental impacts. As businesses become increasingly aware of their social and environmental responsibilities, the integration of sustainability into security solutions presents an opportunity to reduce carbon footprints, ensure energy efficiency and increase the use of eco-friendly materials. This trend is further driven by technological advances that enable more sustainable security practices, such as solar-powered surveillance systems (which we offer), biodegradable identity verification materials, and AI-driven algorithms that help to reduce energy consumption in security operations.

Read our short sustainability story ‘A win for the planet, A win for business’ which spans from 1998 to the present day.

3. The Evolution of Cyber Security Education

Cyber security training and awareness programmes are developing to incorporate advancing technologies and ever-changing threats.

They aim to help organisations against the increasing threat of cyber-attacks by training personnel to recognise threats so that they can be dealt with more quickly and efficiently.

We offer a comprehensive Cyber Security awareness training programme. If you are interested in receiving further information please contact us.

4. Facial Recognition & Biometrics

Facial recognition scan outline of young black males face

Facial recognition and biometric technologies are transforming commercial security by offering more sophisticated, accurate, and discreet security solutions. Their integration into various processes, from access control to surveillance monitoring, is highlighted by advancements in AI and machine learning, significantly helping to improve the identification process more accurately and more speedily.

5. Cloud-Based Security Solutions

Cloud-based security solutions are set to become the standard, offering scalability, remote accessibility, and simplified management. Businesses will increasingly turn to the cloud for storing and analysing security data, enabling them to access current or historical information from anywhere at any time. This will also assist in reducing costs. No longer will anyone be in a position to say, “sorry but that information has been deleted” if it was inadvertently erased, as all the information will have been stored and be accessible in their ‘cloud’ 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

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