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Eliminate threats to your people, property and assets
with mail security screening

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A suspicious or hazardous package entering your mailroom can disrupt your operations or even put your staff at risk. The best-case scenario is having to evacuate the building while the package is investigated, while the worst-case scenario ends with a member of staff hospitalised or worse.

Mailroom security from Magenta Security can eliminate this threat with a mail screening service provided by one of our licensed, trained and insured security guards, who receive specialist training in the use of mail screening equipment to identify suspicious packages.

Our mailroom security service includes more than just mail screening. Other duties performed by our security guards include delivery logging and mail distribution throughout your building, ideal for large office blocks or complexes without dedicated mailroom staff. Mailroom security can be provided on its own or in combination with other Magenta Security office services such as reception staff or commercial cleaning.

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Effective security depends on the use of mail screening equipment such as x-ray machines, which our specialist security guards are trained to use. If your site does not already have mail screening equipment, we can source and install it via one of our trusted partners to provide an all-in-one, bespoke mail screening service.

To learn more about the benefits of mailroom security for your business, call Magenta Security now on 0800 772 3786 and book a free no obligation security risk assessment.

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