What is reception security?

Reception security involves setting up security measures at the entrance or reception area of a facility or building. It involves keeping people, assets and information inside safe from unauthorised access, theft or from harm. The aim is to ensure everyone and everything stays secure and protected.

What is reception duty in security?

Reception duty is similar to concierge security where a security guard is stationed at a reception desk or entrance lobby. Their foundation security responsibilities should include:

Access Control – The main responsibility is to control access to the building or facility, ensuring that only authorised personnel and visitors can gain access. This should involve monitoring entry points by vetting all who require access.

Surveillance – Reception personnel must be vigilant, on the lookout for any suspicious activities. They are also often responsible for monitoring surveillance cameras focussed on the entry and exit points and other potential sensitive areas.

Emergency Response – Reception security guards play an important role in the initial stages of a potential incident. They must be prepared to respond to emergencies, which can include administering basic first aid, managing evacuation procedures, and/or contacting emergency services.

Monitoring of Security Equipment – They may also oversee the correct operation and maintenance of security equipment like metal detectors, x-ray machines, and surveillance cameras.

Reception security guard monitoring a large screen atop a fromt office desk

Reception Duty Security – Additional Responsibilities

There are additional responsibilities in addition to providing security measures such as customer service along with some administrative tasks which will involve:

Customer Service – Although their primary focus is on security, personnel on reception duty also need to provide a high level of customer service. They are often the first point of contact for visitors and play a significant role in shaping the first impressions of the organisation.

Visitor Management – Security guard(s) on reception duty are responsible for managing all visitors entering and exiting the facility. This includes checking visitors are authorised to be on the premises, verifying identification, signing in visitors and issuing visitor passes.

Information Point – Reception duty security also requires guards to act as an information point for visitors and staff by answering questions, providing directions and assisting with general enquiries about the organisation.

Record Keeping
Another important aspect of security reception is maintaining logs or records of visitors, incidents and any unusual or suspicious activities. With accurate record-keeping it can help in maintaining security measures and can also assist with investigations should a security breach occur.

Reception duty in security is a role that requires a range of skills which includes professionalism, vigilance and customer service. Reception security guards need to have the right characteristics, they need to be approachable, be alert and be capable of multi-tasking to ensure the safety, security of the facility and the people it protects.

What is front office security?

Front office security is similar to reception security where safety measures are put in place at the entry point or lobby area of a building. By maintaining protective policies, it ensures a safe working environment for staff, visitors and contractors while managing the flow of people in and out of a building.

What kind of security risks could potentially exist at the reception area?

As the reception area is generally the first point of contact for all who enter the building, several
security risks could potentially occur. As well as previously mentioned threats such as unauthorised access and surveillance monitoring, there are additional risks for example:

  • Information theft
  • Physical threats
  • Cybersecurity challenges
  • Package and physical mail security

What is the role of a security receptionist?

The role of a security receptionist is similar to duties of reception security as outlined above. Here are some additional duties which a security receptionist might undertake:

Confidentiality and Discretion – They will manage sensitive information discreetly, ensuring that confidentiality and privacy standards are preserved at all times.

Visitor Announcements – On a visitors arrival they will utilise the telephone or messaging service to inform their visitor’s designated contact that they are within the premises.

Emergency Communication Hub – They’ll act as a vital central point in the event of an incident for example, they’ll contact the emergency services and liaise with building management, human resources and senior personnel.

The role of reception security is a fundamental aspect of protecting a facility’s integrity, ensuring the safety of individuals, and safeguarding assets and information from potential threats.

As security challenges evolve, the importance of reception security in alleviating risks, promoting a safe working and visiting space has never been more vital.

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