Student Accommodation Security

Dependable protection for students, their belongings and the building spaces and assets

A Superior Security Service for Student Living

Keeping students safe means more than making sure that laptops don’t get stolen. Security guards are an essential component of student care in private student accommodation. Not only do they keep students and buildings safe and remove anyone who shouldn’t be there, but they can monitor the wellbeing of students and report anything unusual to the halls or directly to the university

Individually tailored Student Accommodation Security Services

At Magenta Security everything we do is focused on helping our customers achieve ongoing operations continuity and efficiencies to produce a clear return on investment. We assess the security risks and provision for each student accommodation location individually. We train our security officers to fulfil them, making the security guards themselves as uniquely tailored as every other part of our security services. Often, this means providing vital assistance to students and staff in addition to building security.

Why We’re the Number One Choice for Student Accommodation Security

We’re the number one choice for student accommodation providers that understand the value of reliable and efficient security partnerships. Not only do our highly trained security guards provide excellent protection but they also enhance your operational continuity, minimize commercial losses, and add value to your operations by integrating seamlessly with your on-site team.

Our unique 3-step security success approach:

Expertise in Halls of Residence Security

Magenta Security has over 25 years of experience working with Universities with Halls of Residence and privately run student accommodation in inner city, rural and campus sites across the UK. This has given us a broad perspective of the security challenges faced by both inner city and out of town universities and how they differ.

Furthermore our expertise and experience mean that we recognise the diversity of different security risks within the Student Accommodation environment. We work closely with our customers to ensure we provide a range of security services combined to form the right solution for each specific accommodation location.

Extensive range of Student Accommodation Security Services

We utilise our broad range of Student Accommodation security services to provide the right package to meet the needs and budget of every client, from CCTV installation and monitoring to manning reception and providing immediate care for students in private halls. We really understand the variety of security needs and become an integral part of your organisation to help you achieve some extra efficiencies as well as helping students to receive the care they need to fulfil their potential.

A Security Service that Adds Value  

Our Student Accommodation security guards have provided front line care for students many times and have served as a direct point of contact for the universities or parents of the students.

If you need to deploy a dependable accommodation services security package that can be relied upon to be an asset and an investment not simply a cost, get started by booking a free, no obligation risk assessment from one of our security experts by calling 0800 772 3786 now.

Bespoke Security Services Tailored to You

Security Guards

SIA licensed and insured security guards available 24/7 throughout the UK.

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CCTV Security

Cost effective and scaleable. A powerful deterrent against vandalism and theft.

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Mobile Security Patrols

Highly visible mobile patrols for customers without the need for static guards.

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Cyber Security Training

Train staff to spot cyber crime. Test your online defences. Protect your virtual assets.

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Web based CCTV Remote Monitoring

New service - from as little as £1 per camera

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