CCTV Security

The cost effective, scaleable powerful deterrent
against vandalism and theft

CCTV Security Installation and IP CCTV Remote Monitoring

Cost-effective, scalable and a powerful deterrent again vandalism and theft, CCTV security systems are a favourite security solution for businesses of every size in every sector.

Our CCTV installation service includes a thorough risk assessment of your site from a CCTV security expert who will determine the most effective placement of security cameras for maximum viewability of your most vulnerable areas.

We will also provide CCTV DVR systems that allow for easy access of past recordings in a searchable database, letting you pinpoint footage to the millisecond. Recordings of your CCTV security feeds can be kept for as long as you need them, with intelligent storage solutions that automatically replace old footage with new, or cloud storage solutions that back up recordings remotely.

All CCTV security systems installed by Magenta Security use internet connected IP CTTV cameras, enabling remote viewing of the live feed from anywhere in the world, allowing you to check in on your site even when abroad.

Magenta Security…

IP CCTV also enables Magenta Security’s second tier of CCTV security services: CCTV remote monitoring. With this service, one of our SIA licensed, full-time security officers can monitor the feed of your security cameras and respond to any unusual activity on your site, whether by speaking through installed internet-connected speakers or alerting our mobile security patrols or emergency services.

CCTV remote monitoring is a powerful tool that can be used on its own or to supplement our security guard services, keyholding and alarm response, mobile security patrols or any other security service. You can rapidly scale the hours and days that you require CCTV remote monitoring up or down depending on your needs, making it perfect for operations with irregular schedules or varying risk levels.

Magenta Security can also use CCTV remote monitoring for non-security tasks, such as locating staff, monitoring operations and checking stock. Just let us know what you need watched and Magenta Security will be your eyes.

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