What is a Corporate Security Officer?

A Corporate Security Officer is mandated to hold a valid SIA (Security Industry Authority) licence and must understand the security policies and procedures of the organisation they support. Their main responsibilities involve ensuring the security, safety and protection of an incorporated organisation’s assets, information, employees and infrastructure.

What is the role of a Corporate Security Officer?

Risk Assessments and Management

The results of the assessment and policies should then be shared with the appropriately qualified Corporate Security Officer to fully prepare him/her at the start of their assignment with you.

Once operating on-site it’s important your Corporate Security Officers should be constantly vigilant, spotting any potential vulnerabilities or threats that may evolve during the course of their working day. This proactive approach ensures that security measures remain effective and adaptable to any change in circumstances at your organisation.

Corporate Security Officer Monitoring

Corporate Security Officers monitor various aspects of security and safety during their working day. Here are some of the things they may monitor:


They monitor entry and exit points to ensure only authorised individuals gain access.

Surveillance Systems

They keep an eye on CCTV cameras and other surveillance systems to detect any suspicious activities or security breaches.

Female corporate security officer works on computer with CCTV cameras footage

Alarm Systems

They monitor alarm systems for any alerts indicating potential security threats or emergencies.

Perimeter Security

They can patrol the perimeter of your premises to ensure there are no breaches or unauthorised access attempts.

Visitor Management

They oversee the check-in process for visitors, ensuring they are properly authorised and escorted while on-site.

Emergency Response

They monitor communication channels and stay prepared to respond to emergencies such as fires, medical incidents, or security breaches.

Security Protocols

They’ll ensure that security protocols and procedures are followed consistently throughout your organisation, including employees by gently intervening or providing guidance as needed.

Suspicious Activity

They should remain vigilant for any signs of suspicious activity taking appropriate action to mitigate any threats.

Emergency Response Plans

Emergency response plans are comprehensive strategies which can be developed by your organisation in conjunction with your Corporate Security Officer. The main objectives of the plans are to protect lives, minimise property damage, and ensure the continuity of your essential business operations.

Some of the key elements of emergency response plans normally include:

  1. Business continuity planning
  2. Risk assessments
  3. Defining key roles and responsibilities
  4. Communications protocols
  5. Emergency procedures
  6. Evacuation plans
  7. Emergency equipment and resources
  8. Training and emergency drills
  9. Coordination with external agencies such as police, fire and medical services
Corporate security officer viewing bag scanner on screen

How do Corporate Security Officers add value?

Corporate Security Officers add value to an organisation in several ways:

Flexibility and Adaptability

Your Corporate Security Officer should be flexible, able to step in should your resources be stretched. For example, they should be able to relieve reception staff during allocated break times.

Incident Response and Crisis Management

Your Corporate Security Officer should respond quickly to minimise any damage, losses and enable your organisation to recover quickly.

Business Continuity Planning

Should an incident occur, they should help your organisation by having plans in place so that situations can be remedied quickly to avoid any operational disruption and associated costs.

Insurance Cover

By employing a Corporate Security Officer, your insurance premiums are likely to reduce.

Compliance and Regulation

Your Corporate Security Officer should ensure that your organisation complies with relevant laws, regulations, and industry standards, to avoid unnecessary bureaucracy and potential fines.

Executive Protection

Some organisations require assistance with executive protection for senior executives and high-profile individuals.

Two close protection officers waiting for a high profile individual - corporate security officer duties

Investigation of Security Incidents

Your Corporate Security Officer should be able to thoroughly investigate any security incidents and provide suggestions along with a supporting plan to help avoid any recurring issues.

Corporate Security Company

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