What is a concierge security? What to expect

What is a concierge security? What to expect

Concierge security guards are generally located at the entrance to a building such as offices or residential complexes. They scrutinise people wishing to gain access, thereby protecting against unauthorised entry. They respond to emergencies and provide a range of customer support services.

Concierge security meaning

Concierge security means the integration of security and protection services with a commitment to delivering exceptional customer care. This specialised approach ensures the safety and well-being of individuals while offering a heightened level of customer service.

How do you pronounce concierge?

The word concierge originates from France. It’s pronounced “kon-see-airge”. It has arisen from an old French term “to preserve”. It’s meaning has evolved to refer to a person who is responsible for the care of a building whilst protecting the safety and well-being of individuals.

What qualities are required of a concierge security guard?

A concierge security guard should possess a combination of security-related skills, excellent communication abilities, and strong interpersonal qualities. They should also be able to react quickly to incidents, be professional, adaptable, observant, resourceful and be a unified team member to ensure a blended security approach.

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Are concierge security at the front desk?

Concierge security are generally located at the front desk, where they interact with employees, visitors or residents. They are generally the main point of contact for people accessing and exiting a building.

What services do concierge security provide?

  1. Protection and safeguarding.
  2. Reaction to emergencies.
  3. Provision of basic first aid.
  4. Welcoming visitors and providing information.
  5. Direction for visitors to relevant locations within a building.
  6. Personalised customer service.

What is the difference between a concierge and a security guard?

A concierge is found in a hotel, assisting guests by booking restaurant tables, theatre tickets and taxis. A security guard focusses on safety and protection. Concierge security provides a combination of both of these services with the exception of attending to personal requests.

Do you need an SIA licence to be concierge? Which SIA licence is best?

It is a legal requirement for concierge security to hold an SIA (Security Industry Authority) licence in the UK. The SIA “Door Supervisor” is the relevant licence for this function. Individuals are required to have completed necessary training from approved training providers to obtain the licence.

You may be asking what’s the difference between a Security Guard licence and a Door Supervisor licence. A Security Guard licence only allows guards to work in a Manned Guarding Role, whilst a Door Supervisor Licence allows guards to work as a Door Supervisor and a Security Guard.

Why the right training is important for Concierge Security

It’s vitally important that your security guard has completed comprehensive training. All of our security guards at Magenta have successfully completed a ‘City and Guilds’ course which covers ‘Basic Guarding and First Aid’. We also have guards who have completed enhanced training such as conflict resolution and safeguarding when children and vulnerable people are involved.

Please feel free to ask your security supplier for copies of training certificates, they should be readily available upon your request.

What is the role of a concierge security supervisor?

A concierge security supervisor is responsible for the overall effectiveness of the security team.
They play a vital crucial role in overseeing and managing the security operations within a facility, often with a focus on providing customer service. The specific duties may include risk assessments, training and development, communication, access control, emergency response, compliance and crisis management.

The advantages of concierge security:

Reduced Insurance Cover

Employing concierge security can potentially lower your insurance premiums by reducing risk. If you employ guard(s) from Magenta Security you gain an advantage of additional liability insurance cover of £10,000,000.00 (ten million) as standard. This added protection can strengthen your security arrangements and safeguard your assets.

Here are some of the key advantages of concierge security

  1. Concierge security provides a high level of personalised service.
  2. Their presence adds a visible layer of security which can act as a deterrent.
  3. Surveillance and monitoring.
  4. Problem solving and resolution.
  5. Professionalism.
  6. Integration of responsibilities to streamline operations.

Added value Concierge Security | Magenta Security

Your security provider should provide standard services such as physical presence and deterrence, immediate response, surveillance and monitoring, emergency action, detailed reporting and legal compliance but they should also be adaptable and flexible.

Sick leave Cover

Our focus is to also avoid any operational disruption and adding value. From time to time, you might experience resourcing issues. Whether it’s due to unforeseen sick leave or sudden departures, we understand the urgency and difficulty in swiftly filling these gaps.

Flexible and Adaptable Concierge Security

We appreciate it takes time to recruit replacement staff, however, this where Magenta can step in to help maintain seamless operations. Not only do our dedicated security guards take care of protecting your all-important assets, but they’re flexible, they’ll adapt and react to help plug your resourcing gap. We’ll provide flexibility and step in to assist, without compromising the level of your protection.

Concierge Security Companies

Concierge security companies are organisations who specialise in providing security services with a focus on customer services. They can offer a range of security solutions such as access control, surveillance and emergency response while also focussing on providing a high level of hospitality and assistance to their clients.

If you are interested in concierge security services and are looking for flexible, approachable security guards who can provide added value for your organisation, we’d love to connect with you. Call
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