24/7 Construction Site Security
To Prevent Vandalism And Theft

Static & Mobile Security Guards
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Looking to Hire Licensed, Trained and Insured Construction Site Security Guards?

Theft of construction equipment and machinery costs the construction industry over £800 million a year. That’s more than petty theft. There’s a thriving, well-equipped black market for constructions goods which is kept in stock by gangs who can strip a construction site bare by morning. The costs are both immediate – from having to replace stolen equipment – and long term – from missed deadlines.

Luckily, such theft can be deterred or prevented if you hire a bespoke construction site security service from Magenta Security. We have more than two decades of experience providing security for construction sites, award-winning customer service and a wide selection of SIA licensed, trained and insured security guards. If you want peace of mind while you build, Magenta Security is the trusted choice.

How We Guarantee Peace of Mind

Our most popular construction security service is construction site security guards, available either as static security guards or mobile security patrols that are available by the hour. We never use self-employed or sub-contracted security guards for construction sites or any other sector; we only provide full-time Magenta Security employees with names and faces that we trust 100%.

Construction Site CCTV Security

Magenta Security also provides construction site CCTV, either as a standalone service or as a supplement to our construction site security guards. By using self-sufficient mobile CCTV towers, we can quickly set up a temporary IP CCTV service that connects directly to our control room for remote monitoring without a mains power supply or wired internet connection, making it the ideal CCTV for construction sites.

If you’re unsure which construction site security solution is the best option, we have you covered. Every quote comes with a free, no obligation risk assessment, empowering you with the knowledge of the most effective security solution for your site, risk level and budget.

Call Magenta Security now on 0800 772 3786 to book your free no-obligation risk assessment.

Bespoke Security Services Tailored to You

CCTV Security

Cost effective and scaleable. A powerful deterrent against vandalism and theft.

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Mobile Security Patrols

Highly visible mobile patrols for customers without the need for static guards.

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Security Guards

SIA licensed and insured security guards available 24/7 throughout the UK.

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Industrial Security

Protect your Industrial site with SIA licensed, trained and insured guards.

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Web based CCTV Remote Monitoring

New service - from as little as £1 per camera

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