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Magenta Security Turns 25: MD Abbey Petkar’s Goals for the Next 25 Years

In the 25 years that Magenta Security has been in business, thousands of people have left their mark on how we work and the causes we champion. But no one has had a greater impact than the person who’s been here from the start, Managing Director Abbey Petkar. As part of our series of articles on our quarter-century milestone, we sat down with Abbey Petkar to ask about his plans for the next 25 years of Magenta Security. Continuing to […]

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Magenta Security Year in Review 2019: More Generous, More Green, More Lives Saved

2019 was a year of extremes. For all the great work we did, there’s no denying that political and economic uncertainty turned up the pressure for our company, our staff and our clients. However, despite the obstacles, 2019 still proved to be another landmark year for Magenta Security. Before we head into the new decade with all the opportunities and challenges it will bring, I would like to share a few of Magenta Security’s highlights from the past 12 months: […]

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Four Tips to Help You Put Charity at the Heart of Your Business

Since I started Magenta, I put charity at the heart of this business. For over 20 years, we’ve been involved in numerous charitable efforts – which you can read about here – but that’s not all. I also advise other businesses, whether they’re clients, acquaintances or rivals, on how to increase their charitable giving. I’ve had countless such conversations over the years, so I thought it was about time to put some of the advice I’ve given down in writing. […]

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When You Work with Magenta, You Make the World a Better Place

From the day I founded Magenta more than 20 years ago, my objective has not only been to provide world class security services but also to make the world a better place. More than anything, it’s charitable giving that has motivated me to grow the business: the more profitable we are, the more we’re able to give. The more staff we have, the more people power we can put behind charitable projects. From the get go, I set aside at […]

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The Official Security Industry Charity: How You Can Help

The security industry employs hundreds of thousands of people across the UK, all working to keep businesses and public spaces safe. It may have its issues – and I’m not shy to talk about them – but I believe that it is a positive and essential part of the economy and society. Taking this industry to the next level means more than just clearing out the bad acts and filling gaps in regulations, it’s also about bringing out the best […]

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Magenta to lead Security Industry Charity

Magenta Security Services Managing Director is calling for the industry to get behind an industry wide security industry charity to support humanitarian projects. Abbey Petkar has long been an advocate of supporting charitable causes both in the UK and around the world. Magenta Security has played an active role in its local community, sponsoring local sports teams and working with the Metropolitan Police on projects in schools. It has also supported WaterWorld projects in Africa, provided funding for a blind […]

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Giving Back to Society and Corporate Social Responsibility

A survey amongst Magenta’s clients showed 85% of respondents cited giving back to society and CSR as key issues and are more likely to work with a CSR focused supplier over one who doesn’t consider the issues as paramount. The results have helped us build a comprehensive CSR strategy which is now an integral part of our business. The strategy has helped create a business founded on sustainability, with initiatives ranging from a fleet of electric vehicles to charitable work. […]

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The importance of the Environment

Improving the impact we have on the environment should be a continually evolving process, as technology advancements mean obtaining environmentally friendly products becomes more mainstream. As the emphasis on the environment increases, customer expectations from the companies they use increase accordingly and thus I have placed the environment as a matter of importance for Magenta Security. Our solar panels produce over 10KW per day of electricity and all our staff now wear uniforms that are from completely renewable sources. This, […]

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Why is Corporate Social Responsibility important to us? Part 2

In our last blog, we underlined the importance to our consumer and society at large of CSR. We went on to discuss a few ways in which Magenta Security is leading the industry, particularly in green technologies. This blog post is very much in the same vein and highlights some more of our green credentials as well as some of our community and global CSR projects. Let’s start with some more of our green policies. A longer term aim at […]

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Why is Corporate Social Responsibility important to us? Part 1

In this modern age of social media where word of mouth is both powerful and instantaneous, companies are continually striving to project a positive brand image through CSR initiatives. For some companies, it could be argued that this is merely placation, a reaction to what they think people want. For others, it’s part of the very fabric of their business and integral to their operation. Magenta is just such a business.

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