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An essential part of frontline defence for UK border control
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Need Maritime Security Guards to Protect Your Sea Port?

As an island nation, the UK’s ports are a vital part of this country’s infrastructure, enabling trade and travel across the globe. Unfortunately, this also means that port security is under constant threat from criminal trade, illegal immigration and terrorist activity.

Magenta Security is proud to be a leading provider in maritime security services for many of the UK’s busiest ports, identifying and deterring threats to port security before they escalate to disruptive or even dangerous situations. As they are an essential part of frontline defence for the UK’s borders, all maritime security guards must possess a license in maritime security in addition to their standard SIA license.

As the threat to port security is constantly shifting depending on who or what is passing through, it is essential to find a maritime security service that can rapidly adapt and respond to your current security requirements. Magenta Security’s maritime security guards are available as part of a bespoke package, letting you choose exactly how often you need them deployed and whether they are delivered as a static security guard service or as part of a mobile patrol.

Magenta Security…

Whether your security needs are temporary or permanent, part-time or full, all our maritime security guards are full-time Magenta Security employees who are fully licensed, vetted and insured. We never use self-employed or sub-contracted security guards, letting you manage your port with 100% trust in the person protecting you, your staff and your cargo.

Call Magenta Security today on 0800 772 3786 to learn more about our security services and to book your free, no-obligation risk assessment.

Bespoke Security Services Tailored to You

Mobile Security Patrols

Highly visible mobile patrols for customers without the need for static guards.

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SIA licensed, trained and insured security guards covering Dover.

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SIA licensed, trained and insured security guards covering Folkestone.

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CCTV Security

Cost effective and scaleable. A powerful deterrent against vandalism and theft.

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Web based CCTV Remote Monitoring

New service - from as little as £1 per camera

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