Why is Corporate Social Responsibility important to us? Part 2

In our last blog, we underlined the importance to our consumer and society at large of CSR. We went on to discuss a few ways in which Magenta Security is leading the industry, particularly in green technologies. This blog post is very much in the same vein and highlights some more of our green credentials as well as some of our community and global CSR projects.

Let’s start with some more of our green policies. A longer term aim at Magenta Security is to all but eliminate our carbon footprint. One of the major steps towards this will be the installation of solar panels on our headquarters, a step we are looking to take in the near future. We have also invested £25,000 in digital systems, allowing the creation of a paperless office which will save more than 150 trees each year. We also decided to move away from the use of LPG vehicles through significant investment in an entirely new electric fleet, and it has already made arrangements for the first state of the art electric vehicles to be delivered, which not only reduces carbon emissions but also running costs.

Outside of our green initiatives, Magenta Security ‘thinks local’. We play an active role in the local community by sponsoring cricket and football teams and have worked with the Metropolitan Police on projects educating local school children on safety issues – from knife crime and drugs to road and fire safety.

But it goes further than that – we realise that everything we do as a business has the potential for a global impact, even if it’s only on a small scale. So, on an international front we also wanted to establish better CSR activities through:

· The funding of a school for the blind in India
· The provision of clean water in Africa through the Water World programme
· The direct funding of education for children – a commitment we have made for the next ten years

As is the responsibility of an industry leader, our MD, Abbey Petkar has committed himself to becoming a voice of the industry, offering free advice to other security companies; including consultation services and helping others implement their own CSR strategies. By sharing his experience with the industry, Abbey has worked tirelessly to push CSR standards for the benefit of the whole security industry and therefore put Magenta on the map as the beacon for high standards.

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