Magenta Security Turns 25: MD Abbey Petkar’s Goals for the Next 25 Years

In the 25 years that Magenta Security has been in business, thousands of people have left their mark on how we work and the causes we champion. But no one has had a greater impact than the person who’s been here from the start, Managing Director Abbey Petkar.

As part of our series of articles on our quarter-century milestone, we sat down with Abbey Petkar to ask about his plans for the next 25 years of Magenta Security.

Continuing to make the world a safer place for the most vulnerable people

“No goal that I’ve achieved in business means more to me personally than the children that we sponsor across the developing world,” said Abbey Petkar. “From four to sixteen – and beyond, if they continue in education – we cover all costs associated with medical care, schooling and security.”

Just five years ago, Magenta Security was sponsoring just over 10 children. Today – appropriately – we are sponsoring 25. What is Abbey Petkar’s target for our 50th year in business?

“We’re always looking at new ways to make a difference in the world, whether it’s through local projects in our community or our environmental initiatives. But for me, the next achievement I’m most looking forward to is for Magenta Security to be looking after 100 children. I am hopeful we can get there in our next 25 years.”

Learn lessons and adapt to a post-pandemic world

2020 has been far from an ideal year for Magenta Security’s 25th. While we may not have as much cause to celebrate as we hoped, the efforts of staff at all levels – and especially our security guards on the front lines – is worth being proud about.

“It’s been a tough year but an important one because it has demonstrated what a vital industry we are and the effort we put in to keeping people safe. I hope that the public outpouring of support for frontline workers continues and inspires increased support from the government as well.”

2020 has emptied the streets of once-bustling business hubs across the country, and it’s expected that many will never return to pre-pandemic levels of activity. The economic landscape has undergone a seismic shift, but Magenta Security has been quick to adapt.

“Like many businesses, we’ve transitioned to virtual working wherever feasible while maintaining our standards. And, like many businesses, I expect we’ll continue to do so long after the pandemic. Our success in adapting so rapidly to the challenges of 2020 has given me confidence that we will be able to adapt to whatever changes the next 25 years bring.”

Lead by example and stop the security industry from dragging its feet on essential reform

While the security industry is more professional, more sustainable and more fair than it has ever been, Abbey Petkar is still advocating for the same industry reforms that he was 25 years ago.

“Right now, there’s a three-tier system in this industry: there are in-house security guards who don’t need any licenses or training as it’s left to the discretion of the employer; there are licensed but self-employed guards where there is rampant wage abuse; then there are licensed security guards on PAYE – which is every security guard working for us.

“Until all security guards are held to the same standards and self-employment loopholes are closed, we haven’t achieved our goals. The government’s current stance is that reform isn’t worth the potential risks to employment, but Magenta Security proves that a security company can pay security guards fairly, train them to the highest standards without sacrificing fair prices and sustainable business.”

The highest standards at fair prices is the perfect summary for how Abbey Petkar has shaped Magenta Security. Though we’re a very different business now to the one that started 25 years ago, that commitment has never changed.

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