Giving Back to Society and Corporate Social Responsibility

A survey amongst Magenta’s clients showed 85% of respondents cited giving back to society and CSR as key issues and are more likely to work with a CSR focused supplier over one who doesn’t consider the issues as paramount.

The results have helped us build a comprehensive CSR strategy which is now an integral part of our business. The strategy has helped create a business founded on sustainability, with initiatives ranging from a fleet of electric vehicles to charitable work.

Business is not just about being successful but also about giving something back in the hope it makes a better society for all of us to live in. That’s why 20% of our net profit is donated to supporting charitable causes.

We play an active role in the local community, sponsoring local sports teams and works with the Metropolitan Police on projects in schools. We have also established CSR activities through the provision of clean water in Africa, funding a blind school in India and funding the education of children in other third world countries – a commitment we have made for the next 10 years.

I think it is important to support charities, not just in the UK but around the world. By supporting these causes we are helping people improve the way they live. We will continue to support these and other projects as we look to increase the amount of charitable work we do in the future.

Abbey Petkar

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