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Will Security Firms Play A
Wider Role in Policing?

HM Inspectorate of Constabulary recently published a report into its findings on the impact a 20% funding cut to police in England and Wales will have by 2015. In the report, three police forces – the Metropolitan Police, Devon and Cornwall, and Lincolnshire police force – were named as those being most at risk of not being able to provide a sufficiently efficient or effective service in the future. This is interesting reading as it follows on from the news […]

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Security Should Not
Be Taken Lightly

The Queen’s Jubilee celebrations were undoubtedly a success when it came to security. However, what did arise was the use of volunteers to provide additional security for many of the events taking place across London. For some private security companies, the Queen’s Jubilee was seen as a trial run for the many thousands of volunteers hoping to secure jobs during the Olympic and Paralympic Games. Many were unpaid, and received below standard treatment, and some high profile figures have called […]

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Magenta Security Decreases Staff Turnover

Staff turnover in the security industry generally sits about 32%, yet Magenta manages to maintain figures closer to 12%. Magenta Security has enhanced its reputation and stayed well ahead of the industry’s damming staff retention statistics through the provision of great staff benefits. The company has long been advocating for pensions for security guards, and taken measures which are seen as noteworthy in the security industry. Abbey Petkar, managing director of Magenta Security, says: “Staff turnover within the industry generally […]

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CCTV Cannot Be A
Local Policeman

There has been a lot of debate about how the Protection of Freedom bill will work. My particular concern is in regard to the CCTV usage. Reports over the years have suggested that Britain is probably one of the most watched nations on earth, making it, what many call a ‘surveillance society.’ There are up to 4.2 million CCTV local cameras operating in Britain – about one for every 14 people. The average Briton finds himself captured on CCTV footage roughly […]

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