Security Should Not
Be Taken Lightly

The Queen’s Jubilee celebrations were undoubtedly a success when it came to security. However, what did arise was the use of volunteers to provide additional security for many of the events taking place across London.

For some private security companies, the Queen’s Jubilee was seen as a trial run for the many thousands of volunteers hoping to secure jobs during the Olympic and Paralympic Games. Many were unpaid, and received below standard treatment, and some high profile figures have called for an inquiry as there are fears that security workers on proper pay and conditions could be replaced in favour of cheap labour companies to work at the Games.

I am not against volunteers being used to increase security. Indeed they will have an important role to play in such a large scale event. But we must make sure that everybody involved with security receives proper training and can carry out their duties to the best of their abilities.

Security staff are some of the most important people when it comes to running large events. They serve on the frontlines under exceptional circumstances and are there to protect members of the public. Therefore it is imperative that these people – whether they are professionals or volunteers – are properly prepared for the job. The safety of athletes and visitors to the Games is at stake.

The security industry is booming and there is great demand for trained personnel. But while I understand the need to boost the number of people working on security, providing additional support for professional security staff and the armed forces, what we must avoid is people seeing it as a stopover. We should be looking to attract highly competent people who see this opportunity to have a long term career in the industry.

At Magenta, our employees are our biggest asset and allow us to offer the highest quality services. We employ people who are dedicated to the profession and in order to help them develop, we provide on-going training opportunities. It’s an approach which means our clients can rely on us. Is everybody involved in securing the Games prepared as they can be ? Only once the Games have taken place will we know whether security provisions have been a success or whether lessons need to be learnt.

Abbey Petkar

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