Magenta Security Decreases Staff Turnover

Staff turnover in the security industry generally sits about 32%, yet Magenta manages to maintain figures closer to 12%. Magenta Security has enhanced its reputation and stayed well ahead of the industry’s damming staff retention statistics through the provision of great staff benefits. The company has long been advocating for pensions for security guards, and taken measures which are seen as noteworthy in the security industry.

Abbey Petkar, managing director of Magenta Security, says: “Staff turnover within the industry generally sits about 32%, yet we manage to maintain figures closer to 12%. Why, because we value and treat our staff with respect. In particular we are continually pushing for standard employee benefits like other industries. Security is a huge sector and it is vital that we have good pay schemes to be able to attract the best people. Security is no longer regarded as a short term job – it is a career. In fact, many people are joining the industry with a long term perspective.”

Apart from pensions, Magenta pays its employees higher rates to reflect the cost of living in a modern society. It also gives awards, gift vouchers and certificates of merit to its long term and outstanding employees. Magenta has also negotiated several deals with suppliers of mobile phones and energy for the benefit of its staff.

To induce a professional culture and ensure wider communication and engagement, the company has also introduced newsletters that provides internal and industry news to its employees.

Abbey continues: “Our employees are our assets and we do as much as we can to improve their well-being, listening and responding whenever possible to their needs. Our people serve on the frontlines of society under exceptional circumstances. Every year we have stories of our staff showing great presence of mind and courage while on duty. We take extreme pride in our people and delight in thanking them and recognise them for their various achievements in every way possible.”

As one client commented: “It is a great act on behalf of Magenta Security to recognise people with exceptional commitment to service. The values shown by their staff are a great inspiration to everyone and truly demonstrate the quality of people working for the organisation. Recognition of staff success drives people to achieve more and relish the environment within which they work. As a client of Magenta’s we have seen both one off exceptional acts and outstanding ongoing delivery of security services.”

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