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Why Green Business is Good Business

I believe business success should be used as a tool to make the world a better place, whether it’s through our charity work or our green initiatives. But even if I didn’t care at all about the fate of this planet, it would be bad business for me not to be pursuing green business initiatives. If your long term plan for your business doesn’t take energy efficiency and sustainability into account, that needs to change today. Recently, human industry reached […]

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Why the environment remains a priority

The environment is a growing concern for our customers so we are proud to be well known as the leader in our industry when it comes to green credentials and low energy usage. Corporate social responsibility is something discussed in detail in my whitepaper ‘Managing You Security’. The paper highlights areas companies should look at when deciding on a security company to work with in relation to corporate social responsibility and highlights initiatives they can introduce themselves. I strongly believe […]

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Environmental credentials important when choosing a security provider

The environmental credentials of a security provider should be front of mind when choosing a company to work with, according to Abbey Petkar, Managing Director of Magenta Security. In his new whitepaper ‘Managing Your Security’, Petkar highlights key criteria that businesses should look at when choosing their security provider. He believes the environment is increasing in importance for customers, with Magenta having successfully won several contracts due to its green credentials. Magenta Security is considered one of the most environmentally […]

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Taking Care Of The Environment

Claiming to take care of the environment is an easy claim to make but is much harder to substantiate. Many companies say they are green but can they live up to their claims? Since 2001, when Magenta Security Services was the first manned security company to achieve ISO 14001:2004, we have continually improved our environmental practices and we are now considered the leader in the industry’s drive to be environmentally friendly. As a company, we’ve taken pioneering steps to improve our current and […]

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Web based CCTV Remote Monitoring

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