Why the environment remains a priority

The environment is a growing concern for our customers so we are proud to be well known as the leader in our industry when it comes to green credentials and low energy usage.

Corporate social responsibility is something discussed in detail in my whitepaper ‘Managing You Security’. The paper highlights areas companies should look at when deciding on a security company to work with in relation to corporate social responsibility and highlights initiatives they can introduce themselves.

I strongly believe that Magenta are pioneers in the industry for the methods we adopt to reduce our environmental impact. Magenta were the first security company in the UK to be recognised as being carbon neutral but that wasn’t the only step forward taken.

Investment in environmental improvements has seen Magenta recognised on numerous occasions and we were the first manned security company to achieve ISO 14001:2004. We have adopted a number of initiatives at Magenta to not only improve our environmental credentials, but also reduce our energy usage.

We have introduced recyclable carpet, invested in a electric cars, installed solar panels on the roof of our head office and a new lighting system which have all dramatically reduced our energy use. It has had such an impact that our energy bill should be reduced by 70%

The environment itself is a growing concern these days and we are proud to have introduced various measures which puts us on the forefront of environmental concerns in this industry. Over the years, several contracts have been won on the back of our corporate social responsibility initiatives – customers have overwhelmingly told us that they would prefer to work with a company who took environmental issues seriously over one who doesn’t.

The retention of contracts has often been helped by the company’s green aspirations but for Magenta staff it is about making a statement and showing true commitment to the sustainability of the planet.

To obtain your copy of ‘Managing Your Security’ email [email protected].

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