Taking Care Of The Environment

Claiming to take care of the environment is an easy claim to make but is much harder to substantiate. Many companies say they are green but can they live up to their claims?

Since 2001, when Magenta Security Services was the first manned security company to achieve ISO 14001:2004, we have continually improved our environmental practices and we are now considered the leader in the industry’s drive to be environmentally friendly.

As a company, we’ve taken pioneering steps to improve our current and long term energy usage. In an effort to reduce energy usage by 35% by the end of 2012, Magenta has implemented many initiatives that have helped us to beat this target already. In fact, we’re now expecting to achieve a 75% reduction in energy use.

We invested more than £20,000 to install environmentally friendly lighting systems throughout our offices.  These automatically shut lights down in unused areas, whilst using less energy when in use.  This initiative alone has achieved a 50% reduction in electricity costs. Our long term aim is to install solar panels on the roof. Alongside energy storage, this should almost negate our need to draw electricity from the national grid.

Resource reduction has extended beyond electricity and we have also invested £25,000 in digital systems, allowing us to create a paperless office.  This will save more than 250 reams (125,000 pages) each year.

But we go even further. For some time Magenta has been operating LPG vehicles. Our next step is investment in state-of-the-art fleet of electric cars. We’re expecting the delivery of the first vehicle in the very near future, and it will not only further reduce our carbon emissions but also reduce running costs. We’re keen to share the results from this investment with the security industry so other companies can see whether electric cars are a viable environmental initiative for their own organisation.

Our environmental strategies have helped Magenta win new business. We continue to provide services to the Royal Parks – a contract awarded by the Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport in 2007. Managers praised our environmental initiatives and our continued environmental improvements have led to the contract being renewed in 2009 and again 2011.

Care for the global environment has never been so important. It is not just about being green and socially responsible. It is about the long term sustainability of the planet, and showing commitment to better environmental practices.

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