Rewarding Our Employees

As a company dealing with security, our people serve on the front line of society under exceptional circumstances. Every year we have stories of our staff showing great presence of mind and courage while on duty. We take extreme pride in our people and organise award ceremonies to thank and recognise them for their various achievements. Recently, we organised our first award ceremony to recognise individual achievement, extraordinary acts of heroism while on duty and meritorious service.

This year’s awards included:

All these acts required exceptional presence of mind and an outstanding commitment to duty. In my view, a good security company is not about providing services alone, but it is about the bravery of men and women who put themselves in a high risk situation for the safety and security of others.

The values shown by our staff are a great inspiration to everyone and truly demonstrate the quality of people working for Magenta. We believe that recognition of staff success drives people to achieve more and relish the environment within which they work. Magenta Security has earned a superb reputation for delivering high class security services across a range of clients, but this would not have been possible if it was not for our committed staff.

Abbey Petkar

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