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Don’t Let Coronavirus Crash Your Christmas Party

Christmas isn’t cancelled! This may well change in the face of pandemic unpredictability but, at time of writing, there have been no official government recommendations or restrictions against in-person events this Christmas and new year. This also means the return of the company Christmas party. Whether you anticipate or dread them, there must always be an effort to make the party as safe as possible for guests and staff – which includes being safe from COVID-19. Should you be having […]

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Long Nights and Black Markets: Why Winter is Break In Season

Why should security be beefed up over winter? It’s simple: most burglaries and arson occur at night and in winter the nights are longer. Darkness provides criminals with cover, premises are often closed at night and less people active in the surrounding area means less witnesses. But on top of all the usual risks this time of a year, there are a number of factors that make this a winter to be especially vigilant. This winter may be a perfect […]

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Mega Lorry Parks: a New Frontline for Border Security

The slow ports of post-Brexit Britain have creates miles of backlogged lorries in Kent and beyond, with 10 new lorry parks built to ease the impact on locals and drivers. Packed with valuables and opportunities for smuggling, these mega lorry parks are a new weak link in national security. Why do we need so many lorry parks? When Brexit’s new border rules came into effect, traffic through Britain’s ports slowed to a crawl, resulting in queues of lorries stretching for […]

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Why the Supply Chain Crisis is a Security Crisis Too

When essentials run dry, society becomes tense. The ongoing supply chain crisis has already led to violence at petrol stations and it is difficult to predict what goods will next disappear from our shelves. What we can predict is that panic buying will continue to be a side effect of our gridlocked supply chain and a serious security concern. Let’s explore why panic buying happens and what can be done to prevent it turning to violence. Why are people fighting […]

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Facial Recognition: Powerful Security Tool or Danger to the Public?

Facial recognition technology has numerous harmless applications. You may use it every day to unlock your phone or gain access to secure areas. But facial recognition can also be used for surveillance purposes, a usage that has gathered plenty of excitement in the security industry and those who provide products to it. However, we should balance our excitement with caution. As with all surveillance, facial recognition must be used responsibly and with restraint to protect the privacy and rights of […]

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Winter Crime Surge is Back with a Lockdown Twist – is Your Business Ready?

Winter is here, which means it is time again to remind our readers that these next few months are when businesses are at the highest risk of vandalism and theft. Studies have shown seasonal surges of crime in winter, with a 22.8% increase in business robberies (The Office for National Statistics) and 35% more home insurance claims for burglary (Lloyds Bank) in the winter months. In addition, there is ample evidence that, historically, crime has increased in times of economic […]

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COVID-19: Poor Warehouse Pandemic Control Puts Us All at Risk

The growth of online shopping has caused tectonic shifts in business, the economy and society itself. Security has changed as well. Just looking at our own contracts over the years, there’s been a clear shift from high street towards warehouses, as is reflective of the retail landscape at large. While COVID-19 has been devastating for brick and mortar retailers it has only accelerated the growth of online shopping and it is safe to assume that many of the customers who […]

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How is Your Warehouse Going to Prevent Theft on Cyber Monday?

Black Friday and Cyber Monday have extended the busy winter shopping period further back into the year, placing more demand than ever on warehouses and distribution centres. Not only has online shopping massively increased the scale of logistics and need for secure warehousing, it has also made it far easier for criminals to sell stolen goods. How is a customer on eBay, for example, supposed to be able to identify items that were stolen? And in the run up to […]

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How Cyber Attacks can Ruin Your Cyber Monday

Cyber Monday is one of the most important times of the year for online retailers, especially those who sell electronic goods. It’s also one of the most important times of the year for hackers, who take advantage of overwhelmed or vulnerable websites. Worryingly, many companies have expressed disinterest in investing in cyber security as it doesn’t provide a clear return on investment. But if your online store is shut down by a cyber attack during a busy period, such as […]

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The Security Industry Hasn’t Escaped the Brexit Nightmare

From speaking to my colleagues, clients and fellow security companies over the past few weeks, one thing is clear: Brexit is a complete nightmare. The government’s fumbling of the UK’s exit from the European Union is sending shockwaves throughout business, and is being felt in two key areas in the security industry. The security industry is losing European staff The first and most damaging issue that affects both security companies and their customers is the loss of staff across security […]

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