Long Nights and Black Markets: Why Winter is Break In Season

Why should security be beefed up over winter? It’s simple: most burglaries and arson occur at night and in winter the nights are longer. Darkness provides criminals with cover, premises are often closed at night and less people active in the surrounding area means less witnesses.

But on top of all the usual risks this time of a year, there are a number of factors that make this a winter to be especially vigilant.

This winter may be a perfect storm for criminals

The security industry has not been immune to the staff shortages being felt across the UK. Quality security guards are in high demand and we know from past experience that rogue operators will often be the first to fill the gaps.

If a quote for a security guard seems too good to be true, it probably is, and the result will simply be paying one criminal organisation to protect from another.

Supply chains are still in crisis and will be for some time. Stock levels are unpredictable, popular items sell out in seconds and the fuel shortage earlier this year showed that tensions can run high when demand can’t be met.

What does this have to do with security? For one, frenzied shoppers can be a risk to themselves and others, though in-person shopping is less common now as online shopping continues to proliferate, boosted by the pandemic.

The main security threat resulting from the supply chain crisis is the black market and those who supply it.

When the legal market is unable to give people what they want, shoppers will turn to the black market to, knowingly or not, buy stolen goods. These goods are stolen from ports, lorries, vans, warehouses, stores – basically, any link in the supply chain.

To add it all up, we are currently facing: long nights, a security shortage, a supply chain crisis and a thriving black market. Added all together, it’s clear why businesses must take security seriously this winter, especially if they are operating any part of a supply chain for in-demand goods.

The security you need for total winter protection


If winter darkness gives criminals confidence, take away the darkness.

Floodlights are a simple and effective security tool, deterring criminals by massively increasing the risk that they will be seen. Combine them with motion sensors and you will not only reduce the carbon footprint of your security but also give any trespassers a fright when they approach. Combine with an intruder alarm and they won’t stay around for long.


Next are CCTV systems and signage. CCTV is remarkable in current times, with remote monitoring and even speaker systems that allow direct communication from the control room to warn trespassers and guide visitors.

Signage, meanwhile, is an essential but often forgotten part of CCTV deterrence – for the deterrent to be effective, people have to know that CCTV is present, so keep signage lit up at all times.

Security Guards

Last and certainly not least are security guards. There’s simply no beating a flashlight and a high-vis vest when it comes to deterring criminals and responding rapidly to threats.

A patrolling guard will also be able to spot and respond to non-criminal risks, such as a broken perimeter fence, a leaking pipe or a faulty motion sensor, keeping your defences in peak condition throughout the winter.

At Magenta Security, we have managed to weather the staff shortage storm by continuing our commitment to the welfare of our security guards. Our retention rate for security guards is truly exceptional, as we provide career progression, flexible hours and full-time positions – none of which we have compromised in these difficult times.

To learn more about our security guards and other security services, get in touch with our award-winning customer service team on 0800 772 3786 .


Magenta Security provide award winning security services throughout the UK. We are in the top 5% of ACS approved contractors and were the first security company in Europe to be awarded ISO 14001 for our environmental management systems.

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