Don’t Let Coronavirus Crash Your Christmas Party

Christmas isn’t cancelled! This may well change in the face of pandemic unpredictability but, at time of writing, there have been no official government recommendations or restrictions against in-person events this Christmas and new year.

This also means the return of the company Christmas party. Whether you anticipate or dread them, there must always be an effort to make the party as safe as possible for guests and staff – which includes being safe from COVID-19.

Should you be having a Christmas party in the first place?

First of all, you need to decide whether it is worth having a Christmas party at all. The COVID-19 pandemic is ongoing and the case load is still too high. There are concerns that the Omicron variant will undermine efforts to end the pandemic and, even if it doesn’t, further variants will occur while the virus is spreading and mutating at such high rates.

Choosing not to have an in-person Christmas party will definitely reduce the risk of a guest catching COVID but we also understand the importance of such events for morale, especially after what has been almost two years of shared sacrifice and anxiety.

Whether or not to go arrange or attend a party is a decision that is left up to each individual and a range of complex factors: company size, age of guests, travel requirements, nature of work and so on.

We will not make a firm recommendation one way or the other, though we do recommend that everyone who would be attending gets to have their say.

Tips for a COVID-safe Christmas party

After living with the virus for so long, we have found proven methods to dramatically decrease the risk of transmitting coronavirus. These should all be drilled in by now but, in case you need a reminder, we recommend the following:

The usual security risks haven’t gone away

On top of keeping everyone safe from COVID-19, guests also need to be kept safe from the ever-present threats of theft and assault. Our usual advice for parties held at offices or external venues still applies, with extra vigilance unfortunately recommended against drink and needle spiking.

To summarise:

And don’t forget that if you need help with any of the above, Magenta Security also provide event management services that can help you simplify your security and party planning with one package. It’s not too late to make your Christmas safe.


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