Will Your Office Be Safe and Secure Over the Christmas Holidays?

Whether you’re spending time with family, going abroad or just putting your feet up for a few days, the Christmas holidays are the perfect time to let your worries melt away.

But your relaxation will come crashing to a halt if you return to your office to discover it’s been ransacked of its valuable equipment and your sensitive information is in the hands of criminals.

Luckily, our dedicated security guards and control room staff will continue to be available over the holidays, giving up their time to keep the rest of us safe and enjoy some well-earned time off.

Here are a few of the security services that you can book now to keep your office safe and secure over the holidays.

Store your office valuables in a secure locker or off-site

A company recently got in touch with us after laptops were stolen from their office over the weekend. Despite having lockable drawers on each of their desks, employees left their laptops on the table in their fully-glazed, street-level office. It took the burglar 3 minutes to break a window and escape with 13 laptops.

There’s no point leaving your expensive equipment and sensitive information on show if no one’s going to be using them for over the holidays. Either move all valuables to secure lockers in the office or, if you don’t have them, move them to a storage facility with high security.

No one wants to spend their last few days before the holidays lugging computers around, so get in touch with us and we arrange for a professional company to move all your equipment to safety and set up again for your return, without you ever noticing they were gone.

Install smart lighting systems to simulate activity in your office

For most people, smart lighting systems are a convenient way to turn off the lights when you’re out the house or switch to mood lighting for a movie night, but in the security industry they’re a valuable tool for deterring criminals.

Office-wide smart lighting systems can be installed and run programmes which turn on and off in patterns which simulate activity in the office. Combine smart lighting with motion sensing floodlights around the perimeter, and you can deprive criminals of the darkness they like to work in.

Hire security guards to protect your office over the holidays

Many offices don’t require security guards year-round, but if there’s one time you need the extra protection that only manned security can provide, it’s over the holidays.

There’s no greater deterrent to a criminal spying on your office for an opportunity to steal some easy-to-flip office equipment than a guard patrolling the site. And if the worst does happen, our security guards are trained to respond swiftly and effectively to break-ins and emergency situations.

Our security guard services are available by the hour, so you can tailor your package to the precise times that you need a guard on site. We also offer mobile patrols and keyholding and alarm response services if you don’t require manned security in your office.

Equip your office with an internet-connected CCTV system

CCTV systems are the ideal way to keep a watchful eye on your office, and modern systems are far more useful at deterring crime and collecting insurance evidence than the old, grainy black and white footage of the past.

Our internet-connected, motion-detecting CCTV systems are monitored from our 24/7 control centre by our team of security experts. The moment there’s any unusual activity in your office, our team will be able to respond appropriately.

If we equip the CCTV system with speakers, we can even warn trespassers that they are on camera and order them to leave the site. And if you don’t mind being disturbed over the holidays, you can even be set up to see a live feed of your CCTV systems on your smart devices whenever you want and receive alerts if any motion is detected on site.

Call us now to book your holiday security services

If you want to arrange security services over the holidays, the time to act is now. We’re closing our head offices on 24 December, so make sure you have a robust security plan in place before then to protect your office.

Call us now on 0800 772 3786 to talk to our award-winning customer services team about the right security package for you.

Abbey Petkar

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