Magenta Security White Paper Proves a hit with Customers

A white paper published by the Managing Director of Hounslow based Magenta Security Services has proved a hit with businesses seeking advice on how to choose their security provider.

In 2014, Abbey Petkar published a white paper offering advice on selecting a security provider. ‘Managing Your Security’ looked at the key criteria businesses should consider including licensing, corporate social responsibility (CSR) and customer service. And a year after it was first published, it is still being requested by organisations across a variety of sectors.

Abbey comments: “Selecting a security company should go far beyond looking at how much it costs. In the past, the security industry has been blighted by rogue operators and I have seen far too many clients realise their mistake when it is too late. The white paper provides a check list of key topics companies should think about when looking at appointing a security provider. It is an informative guide that sheds light on how to separate legitimate operators from the cowboys with the aim of giving businesses the insight they need in order to make an informed decision. The fact that people are still coming to us and requesting a copy shows how important it is to have such information.

To obtain a copy of ‘Managing Your Security’ email [email protected] .

Magenta Security has its head office in Hounslow, with operations in Swindon, Birmingham, Manchester and Kent. As well as security officers, mobile patrols and electronic surveillance, partnerships with external suppliers means Magenta can provide a variety of additional services to clients including luxury car hire, commercial cleaning and front of house services.

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