SEA nominated for ‘Guarding Company Of The Year 2013’

We at Magenta were honoured to be nominated for Guarding Company of the Year at the 2013 Security Excellent Awards, but what makes a good nominee?

The judges look at everything from business performance and growth to commitment to training, from staff loyalty to the contracts we work so hard to honour, and do we exhibit a strong commitment to corporate social responsibility? They also have to consider the big question – ‘What really sets Magenta apart from other firms?’ Over the next 2 blog posts, we’ll look at answering these questions and show why Magenta’s reputation in the security industry is soaring.

There is no denying Magenta’s success in the last year – 61% increase in profitability; £150,000 invested in training and only 9.7% staff turnover – on average, the security industry has a high level of staff turnover and attrition, and suffers from at least 30% employee turnover.  In the last 10 years, Magenta has had a turnover of 9.7% – a figure less than a third of the national average. In fact, during the last 12 months, Magenta has seen zero changes to the management staff make up.

A key thing to understand for any business is that employees are assets; a happy employee is a good employee. We focus on training and investing in our personnel so our staff become rounded and professional individuals. Over the last year, all our staff have studied for NVQ Level 2/3 in a variety of subjects. By training all members of staff, we ensure that we are best placed to serve the needs of clients and where applicable, Magenta also offers training packages to clients enabling us to work in partnership with them on site. For example, we created a bespoke training programme for BMI Healthcare to allow their porters to gain security skills.

Magenta has a growing portfolio of clients within the retail, healthcare and commercial sectors throughout the UK and Northern Europe and our service-based ethos ensures ongoing customer satisfaction. Clients include: BMI Group, British Transport Police, Grand Metropolitan Plc, LaSalle Investment Property, Lloyds TSB Plc, London Borough of Barnet, The Royal Parks Agency, Total Oils Plc and Transport for London.

A perfect example of our commitment to (what happens to be a particularly prestigious) client is our continued partnership with the Royal Parks. In 2007, 2009, 2011 and again in 2013 Magenta won the contract to provide security services to the Royal Parks – a contract awarded by the Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport. Magenta is the sole supplier for the provision of security for all the Royal Parks and Cemetery, working in partnership with the Royal Park’s management, and liaising with the Metropolitan Police, to ensure a good visitor experience to the parks.

Look out for our next blog post where we will look at some of the other reasons why we were nominated for ‘Guarding Company of the Year’ 2013.

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