The Differences Between Static and Mobile Security Provision

Different security risk situations sometimes require static and/or mobile provision

A static security guard is usually responsible for a specific area or place at an assigned location. This could be the entrance / exit of a building such as hospital entrances or security guards at high end jewellers and door supervisors on restaurants, bars, nightclubs etc. There could also be static security guards in areas where valuable equipment is located, such as machinery and equipment on a construction site or manning a specific area at an event. The role is varied and versatile but essentially it is any type of security that requires a person being on site.

Static security guards are a great way of providing a visual deterrent against criminal activity as they are usually uniformed and the first point of contact for anyone entering the site.

The importance of the right combination of security provision

Static security guards assigned to one location will generally have a wide range of duties, if they are located at the entrance to a building one of the responsibilities of the security guard would be to check ID’s, search visitors, examine the contents of bags and log the names of people entering and exiting the building.

Static security guards should also be trained to deal with medical emergencies, health and safety risks such as fire safety and security breaches, working with control rooms and site staff to ensure issues are dealt with effectively and efficiently.

On-site security guard in high visibility jacket

Protecting the entire property

That doesn’t necessarily mean they stay rooted in one spot – many static guards will patrol buildings or grounds, for example, as well as manning a front of house security desk.

In this way, they differ from mobile security guards, who are usually deployed to provide security services to several locations and travel between them. Static security guards will regularly monitor your property, assets and premises to ensure they are safe and secure and resolve any issues quickly.

They provide an interface between staff, customers and visitors to welcome people to your business, manage deliveries and help prevent unauthorised access. They can also monitor your CCTV, alarms and other security systems.

Static guards cover everything from gatehouse security or on-site patrols on a building site or industrial park to in-store guards in retail, hospitality and leisure venues or front-of-house and concierge services in offices, hotels and residential buildings.

Mobile security patrols offer flexibility without compromise

Mobile patrols are a security solution that helps deter and detect criminal activity. These services are ideal for businesses where a full-time security presence isn’t necessary or practical. Security guards on a mobile patrol provide a tailored service for experienced and trained security guards to visit the premises at selected times during the day and night. This could be at random times or pre-scheduled times.

How mobile security patrol services adapt to your organisational requirements

Mobile security guards will patrol the inside and/or outside of the premises essentially protecting people, equipment and assets of the organisation. They can adapt to a wide range of tasks including (but not limited to) lock up and unlock security services, internal and external perimeter patrols and health and safety checks.

Mobile security guards should be supported by 24/7 control room monitoring which can operate in coordination with other security provisions such as CCTV security, keyholding and alarm response.

First to respond and trained in first aid

Mobile security guards are proven to be an effective deterrent to prevent vandalism, theft and criminal damage to an organisation and are usually the first to respond to security threats and raise the necessary response should an emergency occur.

Having a uniformed security guard on the premises at regular intervals acts as an effective deterrent to any would-be criminals. They will also spot any potential breaches quickly, enabling them to raise the alarm immediately and delay any criminals who may have breached the building.

As well as checking for signs of a disturbance, they can look out for potential fire risks and ensure every floor is fully secured.

Mobile patrols offer a Cost-effective solution

Typically mobile security guards will travel between several locations making them a cost-effective solution when a full time permanent security presence isn’t required. They will usually patrol each premises at random intervals to promote unpredictability and make it harder for would be intruders to plan an attack.

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Security services working to deliver a return on investment

Whether your organisation is looking to hire static or mobile security you should choose a supplier that is able to adapt to your organisation’s requirements. Not all businesses need 24/7 protection but working with a company that is able to scale up or scale down quickly and efficiently is important for seamless security provision. Security should be seen as an asset and an investment. When choosing the right security company, look for similarity in values and evidence of a clear understanding of your business or organisation and culture.

The team at Magenta Security are able to draw on their extensive experience to focus on identifying what security success looks like for each situation and define a security plan that responds perfectly to those requirements. We are a member of the ACS scheme, which we joined at inception in 2006, over the years we have constantly achieved a rating that put us in the top 5% of members.

To find out more about a security service that provides true added value, get in touch today and see how we can help your business achieve its security objectives. Our team of experts will discuss your specific requirements and provide a tailored quote to meet your needs.

Magenta Security provide award winning security services throughout the UK. We are in the top 5% of ACS approved contractors and were the first security company in Europe to be awarded ISO 14001 for our environmental management systems.

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