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The Security Industry Needs to be Cleaned Up, But Who’s Responsible?

I’ve worked in the security industry for over 30 years, going from employee to business owner in one of the country’s most vital industries, one that provides safety for millions of UK businesses, workers and members of the public. It’s because I’m so proud of this industry that I’m so dedicated to seeing it change. The recent Uber case has given me hope that one of its glaring holes – the exploitation of the self-employment grey area – may soon […]

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Uber’s Self-Employment Exploitation was Squashed – Security Companies Should Be Next

A UK employment court recently ruled that Uber drivers are not self-employed, and as such are entitled to benefits such as sick pay, holidays and a national minimum wage. Deliveroo and Hermes have since come under scrutiny as well, along with many other firms that may be contributing to the hundreds of thousands of falsely classified workers in the UK. I’ve never seen the topic of bogus self-employment gain so much attention, and it’s reassuring to see efforts being made […]

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How Rogue Security Companies Put Your Business in Danger

I started Magenta Security to provide a better service than that was on the market. In the 20 years since then my business has grown and so have my goals. I no longer just want to make Magenta better, I want to improve this entire industry. Unfortunately, the security industry has a stain on it that doesn’t seem to budge. You may know that, luckily, security guards need to have a license to work in the UK. But you probably […]

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Accreditation is Key for The Security Industry

Business licensing for companies that operate in the security industry will bring huge benefits to employers, employees and customers. The Security Industry Authority (SIA) and The Government plan to introduce a business license for companies that operate in the security industry. This is long overdue and something that I have championed for a number of years. As a company, we have always remained committed to major employee concerns such as holiday pay and pensions. The benefit of this has been […]

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