Smile! With CCTV Monitoring, We’re Always Watching

Modern CCTV monitoring systems have revolutionised security. Internet connectivity allows cameras to be accessed from anywhere in the world, while digital video and ample storage space allows footage to be kept as long as you need it. Whether it’s used for intercepting threats or providing evidence in court, CCTV is an essential part of keeping our businesses and public spaces safe.

But even the most high-tech CCTV system is a waste of money if the right people aren’t monitoring it, so don’t settle for less than the watchful eyes of our fully trained officers working 24/7 from the Magenta Security control room.

Getting you set up

As with all our security services, the first step to getting set up with CCTV is a risk assessment. One of our managers will visit your site and identify areas of vulnerability so that they can suggest the ideal positioning for cameras so that they have maximum visibility. If your cameras are already set up and we’re confident in their placement, it’s simply a matter of getting you plugged in.

As long as your CCTV system is internet connected, we can monitor each camera’s feeds from our control room. If they’re equipped with speakers, we can even talk to anyone we spot on site, warning them to leave the premises and that police or our mobile patrols are on the way.

For most CCTV monitoring contracts, our standard security officers are more than qualified, and like everyone who works for Magenta, they’re full-time employees who are dedicated to the job. But if the CCTV is going to be monitoring a public space, you’ll need one of our SIA-licensed CCTV specialists.

Once you’re set up, it’s a simple matter of choosing the hours you need us to be watching over your premises, whether it’s part-time or complete 24/7 monitoring. Of course, CCTV isn’t just for catching criminals in the act, but also for keeping them away, so all our CCTV contracts come with high visibility signage warning unwanted visitors that they’re on camera.

You can now get CCTV on a weekly basis

Our newest addition to our CCTV services is the mobile CCTV tower. This tower is bristling with cameras, lights and speakers, letting us watch and communicate with anyone who shouldn’t be on your site. This tower can be wheeled wherever you want it, then secured and powered by whatever means are available, including self-sufficient power supplies like generators or solar-charged batteries.

Mobile CCTV towers can be hired from us on a week by week basis, making them perfect for sites that need temporary security or have changing areas of vulnerability, such as construction sites, festivals or events. In terms of features, they’re identical to any other CCTV services we provide, connected directly to our control room for whatever hours you require.

Standalone or supplementary, CCTV’s a powerful tool

CCTV works even better when combined with our keyholding and alarm response service. If an alarm goes off, instead of having to wait for the guard to arrive at your site, we’ll know immediately if there’s any suspicious activity and can warn the approaching guard about what to expect.

It can also provide an extra layer of security to our static guarding services. As vigilant as our guards may be, they can’t respond to threats they can’t see. If they’re backed up by CCTV, our control room can keep the guard up to date with what’s happening elsewhere in the building, ideal for large sites where patrols may take 20 minutes or more – potentially enough time for a burglar to sneak through undetected.

If your business would benefit from our CCTV monitoring, get in touch with us now by emailing [email protected] or calling 0800 772 3786.

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