How Keyholding and Alarm Response Can Protect Your Business

If the alarm at your place of business goes off in the dead of night, who do you want to respond? A member of your staff who’s alone, untrained and vulnerable, or a qualified, accredited security officer with full back up and support?

The second choice is what you get when you sign up for keyholding and alarm response from Magenta. Our security officers are amongst the best in the country, all full-time and SIA licensed with a robust infrastructure backing them up. Whether it’s a burglar, fire, flood or just a cat that’s set off your alarm, you know you’re in safe hands.

What happens if an alarm goes off?

As soon as the alarm at your premises activates, our control room receives a code from your alarm company. This code will correlate with your address on our system, and our control room will alert our mobile teams to find the closest officer. Within 20 minutes, they’ll arrive at your site.

Meanwhile, another officer will head to our control room to pick up the keys. We keep all keys in a safe at our control room as we wouldn’t be able to guarantee their safety if they were carried in our vehicles. The officer picking up the keys must break a unique seal to collect them, which is recorded in our system. Once they have the keys, they join the other officer at the site.

The officer at the site will secure the perimeter while they wait for the officer with the keys. If there is an emergency or criminal activity, then they will alert emergency services and call your out of hours contact. Once the officer with the keys arrives, they investigate the interior of the property and follow any assignment instructions. If the building isn’t at risk and if there is no evidence of criminal activity, the officers will declare a false alarm and leave a report at your reception desk, ready for when you next arrive.

What if the building is damaged?

If there is immediate risk to the building such as fire or flood, our officers will attempt to stop or slow the spread through any means that they are qualified for, such as shutting off the electrical supply or closing the mains stopcock.

For broken windows, locks or any other physical damage, if you have provided us with an emergency budget, we’ll contact the appropriate contractors to secure or repair the building. These can be contractors of your choice, or our own trusted partners. If we haven’t received an emergency budget, then we’ll call your out of hours contact to make immediate arrangements for repair.

What type of business benefits from keyholding and alarm response?

Businesses with small or low risk sites who need a cost-effective security solution are the ideal candidates for keyholding and alarm response. Nine times out of ten the incidences we respond to are false alarms, but for those rare events where the site is at risk, our guards will minimise damage and secure the premises to keep it as safe as possible until emergency services arrive.

All sites we protect are provided with high visibility warning boards as standard, telling criminals loud and clear that it’s protected by the best. Our keyholding and alarm response customers couldn’t be happier with the quality and reliability of our service, and most of them have been with us for over five years.

If your business would benefit from our keyholding and alarm response service, get in touch with us now calling our award-winning customer service team on 0800 772 3786.

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