Planning a Christmas Party? Don’t Forget About Security

Whether you’re eagerly anticipating or dreading this year’s Christmas party, you want to make sure that everyone attending will be safe – even if their reputations may not be.

At Magenta Security, we’re experts in providing event security that allows you to relax and enjoy the festivities knowing that you’re in safe hands.

Here are some of the benefits of hiring security guards for your Christmas party – stupid hats optional.

Monitoring for Theft

If your Christmas party is being held in a public place, make sure that manned security is present to keep an eye out for theft, otherwise your staff could wake up to discover lighter pockets than they remember.

The lead up to the holidays is peak period for thefts as there is high demand for stolen goods and criminals are more desperate than ever. Combine this with fuzzy senses from the party and it becomes clear why you need a sharp pair of eyes watching your bags and coats.

Escorting Guests

Security guards can escort guests to and from their vehicles, especially useful when making sure that your guests reach their cab safely. Your staff shouldn’t be left to stumble off into the dark without a hand to help them.

All of our security guards who offer event security are carefully selected for their polite and amicable manner, so we can ensure that your guests first welcome to your party is a warm one.

Keeping Your Guests Safe

While some Christmas parties can remain a buttoned-down affair, most are an opportunity for colleagues to let of a year’s worth of steam, leading a year’s worth of embarrassing stories from the night.

But the kind of story you don’t want circling the office is someone injuring themselves. If our security guards notice a guest acting in a way that could cause harm to themselves or others, they can intervene before anyone is hurt.

Unfortunately, some people can become aggressive or abusive when excessive alcohol is involved. If someone clearly needs a time out to calm down or is behaving inappropriately, our security guards can diffuse the situation or remove them from the premises safely.

Checking Your Guest List

For a smaller get together it can be easy to keep track of who is and isn’t welcome, but many Christmas parties host 100+ people with any number of plus-ones. In packed events like these, it can be easy for people with bad intentions to sneak in.

Security guards posted at the entrance can be equipped with a guest list to ensure that anyone who isn’t invited is stopped at the door. If there’s any confusion, our security guards can call management to verify if there’s been a mix up.

Emergency Response

If there in an injury, a medical problem, fire or any other emergency situation during your Christmas party, having first-aid trained and health and safety-trained security guards in attendance could make all the difference to someone getting the help they need.

Our security guards are trained to be able to respond effectively in a range of emergency situations, and their cool heads prove especially valuable when having to manage groups of panicked people who have been drinking.

Additional Services to Ensure Your Event Runs Smoothly

Planning an office party can quickly balloon into a mess of contracts and contacts. Simplify your work by combining all your event services into one with Magenta Security.

We can arrange for valet services, front of house staff, parking management and cleaning to be provided by our trusted partners with all services under our management.

This also ensures there are no security risks from any of the service staff, as all services will be monitored by us rather than individual companies who may lack our strict security procedures.

To find out how we can simplify your Christmas party and keep it safe, call us now on 0800 772 3786.

Abbey Petkar

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