COVID-19: One Year Later, How Has Magenta Security Coped?

In the year since the COVID-19 virus first shut down life as we knew it, we at Magenta Security have kept our business running, our staff safe and our services consistent. This required proactive planning, swift action, complex logistics and, most importantly, commitment and bravery from our staff.

While we may not be clear of this deadly virus yet, we wanted to look back on the past year now that recovery is on the horizon and restrictions on life and work are lifting.

How did Magenta Security keep our business, our staff and our clients safe?

As soon as the severity of the pandemic was apparent, we set to work on ensuring that we could provide uninterrupted service to our clients without putting any of our staff at unnecessary risk. While most companies only had to focus on keeping their own site safe, we had to focus on hundreds.

To keep working during the pandemic, we…

Our hard work was rewarded. As a collection of people, we were all personally affected by the pandemic but, as a company, the business has remained strong and, as a team, our year of looking after each other has brought us closer together.

We have also been proud to help many of our clients, old and new, stay safe during the peaks of the pandemic. COVID-19 risk assessments were a natural extension of our services and the skills of our staff, which saved countless people from potential exposure to the virus.

What did we learn about security during the pandemic?

Without making light of the tremendous human cost of the pandemic, there are benefits to the ways that it restructured life and work which should be preserved once the world reopens.

Being forced to conduct much of our business virtually proved how much can be done without the need to commute to an office or visit a client in-person. Not only does this open more roles to flexible working and expand the geographic range of our talent pool, it aligns with our sustainability goals, as less commutes means less emissions.

It also expanded the role that security plays in society. Our security guards were not simply keeping sites safe from theft but also from an invisible and deadly contagious disease. Security and health and safety have always been closely aligned and the pandemic proved how integrated these disciplines truly are.

Going forward, we hope that the renewed appreciation of the value provided by the skills and efforts of frontline workers continues long after the pandemic is over. Security guards, especially, are often treated as nothing better than an insurance tick box but, over the past year, many customers have remarked on how much help our guards have been in coping and working through the pandemic.

If there is one thing that Magenta Security will take from the pandemic, it’s that security guards must have their value recognised, both by the companies that hire them and the clients who purchase their services. They have stayed on the frontline during the pandemic so that the rest of us can stay safe. That’s worth more than a clap.


Magenta Security provide award winning security services throughout the UK. We are in the top 5% of ACS approved contractors and were the first security company in Europe to be awarded ISO 14001 for our environmental management systems.

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