Magenta Security Wins Best Customer Service at Hounslow Business Awards

After three years of being highly commended at the Hownslow Business Awards, Magenta Security won the award for Best Business for Customer Service. This year’s event was organised by the Hounslow Chamber of Commerce and sponsored by Hounslow Highways.

The awards were held at the Hilton Hotel Syon Park, with over 230 attendees representing businesses of every size and shape, plus guests from the Chamber of Commerce and the Mayor of Hounslow. The finalists were narrowed down from hundreds of entrants, with Magenta Security nominated in three categories and winning Best Business for Customer Service.

Thanks to its proximity to Heathrow, the borough of Hounslow has one of the highest concentrations of businesses outside of central London. This means fierce competition for any business award, pitting us against multinational corporations with billion pound turnovers in our category.

So how did Magenta manage to stand out against hundreds of Hounslow’s best businesses?

I’ve always believed a business performs best if it’s shaped by the needs of its customers, by being proactive and seeking out their feedback instead of reacting after something’s gone wrong. Why wait until complaints pile up to fix a problem? It’s much better (and less stressful) to spend your time preventing fires instead of putting them out.

It’s an approach that continuously transforms the services we offer and the expectations we set. By creating an open dialogue not just with our customers but also within the company, the best ideas will always rise to the top, no matter where they come from.

While my beliefs form the foundation of our customer service, none of it would be possible without the care and creativity of the Magenta team – something I made sure to emphasise when I accepted the award. While I’m flattered that so many people want to meet me personally, it’s my excellent colleagues who spend their time poring over data, visiting our clients and identifying solutions to their problems who truly deserve the praise.

I wouldn’t say winning an award for customer service changes anything – after all, we won because we’re doing something right. But to be recognised before an audience of top tier businesses and Hounslow dignitaries reassures me that my goal to turn Magenta into something much bigger than your typical security company is going strong.

Hopefully our moment of exposure also helps to reinvent the image of the security industry, which still suffers from its history of irresponsible management, poor services and illegal employment practices. I’m not the only one working hard to create a more responsible, ethical security industry. I’ve teamed up with companies across the country to push for stricter regulations to raise the standards of security nationwide, which I covered in greater detail in my last blog.

Despite all the hand-shaking and congratulations, the award wasn’t the most special moment of the night. That came after the ceremony had finished, when a man walked over and thanked me. I asked what for, and he told me I wouldn’t remember him.

“Try me,” I said.

It turned out that fifteen years ago he had worked for Magenta and without that position he wouldn’t have been able to complete his studies. Now, he’s a chartered accountant with his own practice and an invite to the awards.

It was overwhelming to hear that Magenta had given someone the opportunity to push forward and achieve their goals. Whether it’s the well-being of my employees or the charities we support, knowing I’m making a difference is what helps me overcome the challenges of running a business and I don’t think I’d be here today – let alone win any awards – if profits were all that motivated me.

Once again, a heartfelt thank you to everyone in the Magenta team who got us to this point,

Abbey Petkar

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