Importance of training in the security industry

Staff turnover in the security industry is generally high. There are many reasons for this but one of the biggest issues is the lack of training and development opportunities.

At Magenta we manage to maintain figures that are far lower – about 12%.  Why, because we value and treat our staff with respect and provide them with the training they need to succeed.

Security should no longer be regarded as a short term job – it is a career. In fact, many people who come to Magenta are joining the industry with a long term perspective.

Security companies should ensure that their staff are carefully selected, well trained and well supported. Staff development remains at the heart of our success. All members of staff have been able to study for NVQ Level 2/3 in subjects relevant to their job and they are also sent on additional training courses depending on our clients requirements. Including every member of staff across the business on the training scheme creates a real depth of knowledge which benefits us as a business.

Magenta’s promise to train all staff has been commended throughout the industry. And we aim to improve training standards within the security industry by sharing our experiences with other companies so they can benefit too.

Our training and development of staff has allowed us to have the confidence to offer clients a high quality service which they can have confidence in, and ultimately allows us to make a money back guarantee to clients, demonstrating our own credibility. In the security industry, credibility is the most fundamental selling point and attribute. If we can demonstrate this through better training opportunities it will benefit the industry as a whole.

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