Importance of Customer Care

As a security supplier to some of the country’s most well known companies, customer care is at the centre of our business strategy.

We have been in the security business long enough to understand that no two assignments are the same, and we pride ourselves on building relationships with clients so we can fully understand their security needs. This approach allows us offer clients a tailor-made package which clearly meets their security requirements, rather than a one size fits all approach. And through our intensive account management we can quickly adapt to our clients changing security requirements.

Monthly meetings with clients ensure that performance indicators are assessed and reviewed on a regular basis. This allows us to ensure that client’s requirements are being taken care of and we are delivering the best possible service. We operate an open book costing policy which outlines our transparency and competitive rates as well as our margins so clients can compare the service they receive to other security companies.

By understanding a client’s needs from the beginning, Magenta can deliver the superior service customers expect. We have such confidence in our services we offer clients a money back guarantee and long term fixed prices. Whilst no security system is perfect we have 100% confidence in our operational procedures and client management, allowing us to make such a promise to our clients. Rather than creating a standard guarantee, our money back guarantee ensures clients appreciate the added value we offer.

Creating and maintaining a close working relationship from the start of a new business relationship means Magenta has established a substantial portfolio of clients, many of which are long standing. Throughout our time in business we have never lost a customer through poor service.

In an industry where many customers have been burnt by rogue security operators, we believe that our customer focused approach is what sets us apart from the competition. We strive for excellence and customer satisfaction is at the heart of achieving this.

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