How to Defend Your Business Against Winter Crime

The clocks have gone back, the nights grow longer and the days colder. While businesses ramp up operations for the challenges and opportunities of the festive season, criminals prepare for a high season of their own.

The Office for National Statistics found an increase in business robberies of up to 22.8% between November and February, while Lloyds Bank reported 35% more home insurance claims for forced burglary between October and February.

This also happens to be the time of year when vandalism or burglary is most damaging. With Christmas on the horizon, a delay in manufacturing, loss of stock or disruption in your supply chain could take a devastating chunk out of your profits and your customer’s confidence in your business.

Why are there more burglaries in winter?

While criminals can strike at any time, the vast majority of burglaries take place under the cover of darkness. Longer nights provide more opportunities for break-ins, especially in warehouses and business parks far from populated areas.

There is also an increase in valuable stock being held in warehouses preparing to ship out for Christmas shoppers, while criminals know there is high demand from gift shoppers who – knowingly or not – will buy their stolen goods.

How can I protect my business from winter crime?

If risk the risk of a break-in to your business increases by around a third in winter, it makes sense to scale up your security measures accordingly. Here are a few of the security services that we find most effective during winter.

• Security guards

Now is the time to invest in additional security guarding, which we make simple with our bespoke contracts which range from hourly security guards and mobile patrols to 24/7 manned security. There’s no greater deterrent to burglars than a guard patrolling your site.

• Security lights

Security lights are a simple and effective tool in deterring burglars, who always prefer to hide in the dark. We can install motion activated security lights in your premises, as well as smart lighting systems that activate throughout your site to simulate activity.

• CCTV security

CCTV is both a powerful deterrent as well as valuable tool during insurance claims. Our high-end CCTV security systems provide clear videos during the dead of night and can even be equipped with speakers, allowing our control room staff to alert trespassers that they are being watched.

• Security shutters

One of the simplest and most commonly overlooked ways to reduce the risk of burglary is to not allow criminals to look inside your premises. Security shutters not only fortify vulnerable glazing, they also hide your valuables from prying eyes.

Criminals aren’t the only risk to your business in winter

External risks aren’t the only dangers that your business faces in winter. Sub-zero temperatures, heavy snowfall, frozen puddles and burst pipes can injure your staff and damage your stock.

Along with our security services, we also provide risk assessments for businesses which not only highlight security vulnerabilities, but also any healthy and safety failings which would put our guards and your staff at risk.

That leaking pipe in your warehouse might just be a nuisance at the moment, but it could be a serious hazard in winter.

Call Magenta Security now to prepare your business for winter security risks

Our simple, scalable contracts make it easy to ramp up your defences during the dangerous winter months, letting your business run smoothly into Christmas and beyond.

No matter what level of security you require, all our security services are monitored from our 24/7 control room, allowing us to take immediate action should the worst happen.

To learn more, call 0800 772 3786 to contact our award-winning customer services team.

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