Everything You Need to Know About Our Security Control Room

Our Security Control Room Runs 24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a Week, 365 Days a Year…

When you and your staff go home for the night, you want to know that your premises and all your hard work is being looked after. That’s where our security control room comes in. Every one of our security guards, their equipment and the sites and systems they protect are being monitored 24/7 by the dedicated staff in our control room.

It’s not just our control room that runs 24/7, so do our mobile patrols, who can speed straight to your site the moment there’s an alarm. Even a simple keyholding service is made far more powerful thanks to the scale and speed of our security network.

This means that whenever your site is compromised, whether it’s the dead of night or a bank holiday, we’ll be able to take immediate action, alerting our mobile patrols, your designated contact and emergency services if necessary. No security guard that we provide is ever on their own, they all have the watchful backup of a powerful security infrastructure that’s one of the best in the UK.

Our security control rooms are audited by the SIA, the BSIA and the NSI and I’m proud to say that in all categories we meet or exceed their standards.

…It’s Equipped with the Latest Technology…

Our security control room is equipped with the standard alarm monitoring systems that you would expect, but we go much further than that. If you have internet connected CCTV on your site – whether it was installed by us or someone else – we can feed their signal in real time to our security control room, and can also send audio back to the site via speakers to warn off any intruders that we spot.

Your site can also be equipped with NFC technology, allowing us to monitor the positions of our security guards to the metre, so that the moment something’s not right in their patrol, we can get in touch with them and escalate if we need to. The NFC devices even have gyroscopic sensors that alert us if a security guard isn’t upright, letting us respond immediately to accidents or attack.

We can also plug in to any internet connected system on your site to add bespoke monitoring services, from remote door controls and hospitality software to the temperatures of manufacturing machinery and fertility clinic refrigerators.

Click here to read more about the technology that can protect your business.

…And It’s Manned by Happy, Healthy Staff

I’ve talked a lot about the hard work our security guards do and how we look after them, but not enough is said about our tireless security control room staff. They make up the nerve centre of Magenta and have to work at odd hours to keep our clients protected 24/7 so we give them all the same benefits that we give to our security guards.

That means they’re all fully employed by Magenta, with competitive salaries, 28 days of holiday a year and numerous other benefits big and small. The nature of their work allows us to be more flexible with their shifts than we can with our security guards, so it’s an ideal position for people who can’t work at a fixed schedule.

If you’d like to talk to us about how our security control room could help to protect your business, give us a call on 0800 772 3786 and speak to one of the team.

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