Cultural Cohesion is the
Key to Security

As a security company our job involves dealing with society. We ensure the safety and security of individuals, businesses, property and events. Our job goes beyond undertaking surveillance and policing operations alone. One of the key aspects of our job is to work in collaboration with local communities promoting cultural cohesion. We rely on the members of the communities for information and support, and liaising with them is vital to our success.

One of the best ways to win the confidence of the community is to promote cultural cohesion. In a multi-cultural country like the UK, cohesion is an important policy for maintaining internal security, peace and harmony. However, it would be wrong to see cultural cohesion as a security objective alone. It is about facilitating greater understanding among the faiths and cultures that make up our society. It is an effective social tool to help minority communities to integrate with main stream society as well as promote tolerance, trust and respect among different religions and cultures. Cultural cohesion is about educating people about the society we live in to help achieve unity and preventing stereotyping of a community and their beliefs.

As a security company, we have taken initiatives to support cultural cohesion as part of our CSR programme. We believe that to help build a stronger Britain, we need to have dialogue and interaction among the people of different communities to help them understand each others cultures and not harbour any prejudice on the basis of their creed, language and religion. In my opinion, religious leaders can play an important role in promoting cultural cohesion by spreading a message of love and tolerance and respect for the rule of law. We believe that as responsible citizens it also important for individuals to embody the qualities that makes Britain a vibrant multi-cultural democratic society.

Magenta security is engaging with local religious leaders to promote harmony in society. We hope that this will help build a society based on tolerant values and respect for each other.

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