Corporate Events are Back – Here’s How to Make Them Safe

2022 marks the return of corporate events. All mandatory pandemic controls have been lifted and ExCeL London’s calendar is once again packed with trade shows, expos and conferences.

After so much time away from the conference floor, we thought this was the ideal time to offer a refresher on how to run a safe corporate event and how the right security company can help.

Risk assessments, COVID-19 and emergency plans

Health and safety and security are the linchpins of a successful corporate event. Inspiring speakers and exciting connections won’t mean anything if attendees feel or become unsafe.

Step one is to carry out a risk assessment and liaise with all staff involved, including venue management for indoor events or the local authority and emergency services for an outdoor event. If possible, licensed security professionals should be consulted during the risk assessment to identify security threats.

A full risk assessment covers any queueing areas, parking and delivery zones as well as the setting up and breaking down of the event. There must also be measures taken to reduce the risk of COVID-19, such as regular cleaning, improved hand-hygiene and adequate ventilation.

While mandatory anti-COVID measures have been dropped, private events can still enforce their own conditions for entry, including mask-wearing, vaccination status or proof of a negative COVID-19 test. Choose whichever measures – if any – are most appropriate for your event and the safety of your attendees.

The next step is to write up an emergency plan which covers what to do when there is immediate danger, how to handle casualties, evacuate a crowd and stop any live performances. There should be a clear chain of command so that everyone knows who to contact and seek instructions from in an emergency.

All relevant staff should also undergo a site induction so they know where to find exits, where senior management and security staff will be located throughout the event and where to find and how to use emergency equipment and alarms.

With so much to cover, why not bundle health and safety, security and event staff in one contract? At Magenta Security, we use our trusted business partners to offer all-in-one event services managed with a security-first approach. We think it’s the simplest way to run an event – if you agree, get in touch.

Know the limits of your unlicensed event staff

It is illegal for unlicensed event staff such as ushers and stewards to be in charge of any guarding duties such as door supervision or using CCTV, nor should they manage anyone who performs such duties. All security services and management must be carried out by SIA-licensed security professionals.

While unlicensed staff can carry out bag checks and verify tickets as conditions of entry, they cannot confiscate items or remove someone from the premises if they do not comply. It is best to leave these duties to SIA-licensed security guards who are able to respond appropriately if prohibited items are found or if unauthorised entry is attempted.

Licensed guards are trained in how to carry out bag checks and pat downs professionally, making sure that the attendee is informed and respected throughout the process, which is kept as non-invasive as possible. An unprofessional security check can make a terrible first impression for your event.

How to pick the right security company for corporate events

It can be difficult to find a security company to trust with the safety of your guests, their property and the event venue. However, with a bit of due diligence you can find a security provider for your event that solves problems rather than causes them.

When choosing a security company for an event, make sure they are able to:

Magenta Security ticks all the above. If 2022 is your big return to holding a corporate event, make sure it’s safe and secure by working with us. Get in touch with our award-winning customer support team today on 0800 772 3786 to learn more.


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