CCTV on Mobile Devices

Ensuring members of the public remain safe at large sporting events is the culmination of an integrated security approach. While people might be reassured to see security staff on the ground, excessive use of guarding personnel might not always be comforting. It can undermine people’s confidence and can create psychological insecurity. This is where CCTV comes in.

Technology is one tool which can help security staff on the ground, and its use can deter trouble makers if they know they will be caught. One of the key resources available is the use of CCTV surveillance. It allows staff to monitor events and look for any suspicious activity from a distance. And advances in technology mean that more high tech resources are becoming available to further improve security.

Fulham Football Club recently introduced a system which allows its crowd control team to monitor images taken from its network of 63 HD cameras via tablet computers and smartphones. It serves as an early warning system for potential threats. The system means trouble makers can quickly and easily be identified, and their images transferred to the relevant authorities so action to stop the situation escalating can be taken rapidly. The club is hoping to develop the system to incorporate facial recognition which can be linked to a database of known hooligans.

In the past I have argued that while CCTV cameras can be used as a palliative measure, they are no substitute for trained manned guards. CCTV cameras don’t prevent crime, they only aid an investigation. And for CCTV to be of use, it needs to be monitored by staff that have been specially trained to be able to detect suspicious behaviour. It’s not a job that can be left in the hands of security agencies that use untrained staff to do the job.

While I believe it is better to have well trained staff on the ground, as a leading security company we are always in a lookout for ideas which can assist us in carrying out our security operations efficiently and in that regard such technologies are welcome.

Abbey Petkar

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