A Partnering Approach

The most effective way to be able to build long term relationships with clients is to become a valued partner. If it was not for the close working relationship Magenta has with its customers and its suppliers, it would not be able to act efficiently when requests are made.

Our security packages are tailor made to meet each client’s requirements. There are times when clients need additional services and this is where building relationships with clients and external partners is extremely beneficial. It allows us to respond quickly, efficiently and professionally to any clients changing security requirements.

Magenta has a clear strategy of working in partnership with clients and external suppliers. Our methodology is to provide bespoke packages and this can only be achieved by getting to know clients and building long term partnerships with them. When necessary we work with a variety of external companies to provide additional services – a process which is managed by Magenta – to meet a client’s requirements.

For example, if a client requires additional security staff for a special event, our team of highly qualified staff can dovetail seamlessly with a client’s existing security team to give them the extra support they need. And when services are outsourced to external suppliers, the whole process is managed by Magenta providing the client with a one-stop shop. If their staff or our staff require additional skills to carry out the job, this is provided and overseen by Magenta.

Over the years we have worked hard to gain and maintain a place amongst the top security companies, and this is based on our reputation for providing high quality services. Therefore we only work with companies and people who share the same ethos.

To ensure that performance indicators are being met and high standards are maintained, meetings between Magenta, the client and external suppliers are held on a regular basis so the services we provide can be assessed and reviewed as necessary.


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