What Makes a Great Security Guard?

Security guards  are some of the most important people in society. They are responsible and selfless. They guard our people, property, and assets and put themselves in a harms way to ensure that we are safe as we go about doing our daily tasks. But what makes a great security guard?

To be a great security guard involves having a strong commitment to care for people and society at large. Though security is often associated with being tough, dealing with violence and using force to suppress something, at the core of it, the ethos and values of being a security guard stems from an inner urge to selflessly serve and protect the people from any untoward incidents.

The world needs well prepared people that are ready and have the will to take on this type of responsibly. But if someone thinks he or she is ready, they have to be sure. Being a security officer is not about just doing a job, but is about demonstrating their pledge to serve and protect the public under any circumstances.

They must be prepared, trained properly and have the right certification and equipment. They have to have the mental makeup that it takes to hold a job like this.

In a heroic display of presence of mind one of our security guards saved a mans life who met with a terrible accident outside the premises he was guarding. The guard was on duty on a medical property when the accident occurred, but rather than just calling the emergency services, he also rushed to get the doctors who were onsite. The timely intervention of the doctors helped saved his life before he was taken to hospital.

Other acts of high level integrity and professionalism involved one of the guards returning a bag full of Euros while on duty. He not only secured the bag but traced the right owner.

The lesson – a good security guard is not only about being vigilant but it is about showing courage and humanity at all times.

Abbey Petkar

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