We’ll Do (Almost) Anything For You

“All Things for All People, Everywhere.” That’s the motto of Harrods, the department store that became famous for its ability to provide whatever its customers asked for, no matter how bizarre. The days of being able to buy baby elephants and lions from them may be long gone, but I still find their anything-for-the-customer attitude inspiring. That’s why at Magenta we’ll do (almost) anything for you.

Magenta’s is not going to start selling perfumes and diamond encrusted dog jackets, but I do believe in being flexible to the needs of our customers, even if they’re far outside of our comfort zone.

At its core, providing security services involves managing people, making sure that the right person is in the right place at the right time, doing the right thing. Achieving this requires a complex infrastructure that keeps track of every Magenta employee and service they provide no matter where they are in the country, with account managers working round the clock to keep everything running smoothly.

Having this infrastructure in place already makes it very easy to slot in extra services, no matter what they may be.

Such additional services are often required by clients who need us for private security or for events. Rather than keep track of a dozen different service providers, they trust us to source specialists outside of Magenta and fold them all into a single package.

For example, a private client of ours needed someone to look after their estate while they were abroad and – as they were impressed by the security services we already provided – approached us to handle the rest of the estate’s management. This was no small task; we needed to source and manage specialist electricians, gas safety engineers, housekeepers, limousine chauffeurs and more.

In another case, a client needed a special transport service between two of their properties which could accommodate around 400 high profile guests. We arranged for a fleet of Mercedes Vianos operated by professional security operatives to pick them up and transport them, even though the distance couldn’t have been more than a quarter mile. Our client wanted to make a strong impression, and trusted us to give it.

Then there was a job that was strictly security, but with a twist. A jewellery dealer was taking some bespoke products to a client in Asia and wanted security to accompany them during the trip. We believed it would be a waste of money to have a guard from the UK accompany them for the entire journey, so we arranged for a fully accredited security guard in the host country to meet them on the other end, reducing the cost for the client while still providing the same service.

The list goes on and on. We’ve provided cleaners, cooks, maids, butlers – whatever your requirements are, we work closely with you to fully understand your needs and what you want to achieve from that particular service.

Thanks to our bursting book of contacts of high quality service providers across just about every sector imaginable, in all cases we are able to source from companies we personally trust and fold them into our existing infrastructure, all delivered to the client in a single package, at a single price, from a single point of contact that they know they can trust.

For me, it’s always exciting to take on new challenges and expand our experience. So if security is just one of the services you need and you don’t know who to turn to for all the rest, why not ask Magenta? It would be my pleasure to surprise you.

Abbey Petkar

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