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Mega Lorry Parks: a New Frontline for Border Security

The slow ports of post-Brexit Britain have creates miles of backlogged lorries in Kent and beyond, with 10 new lorry parks built to ease the impact on locals and drivers. Packed with valuables and opportunities for smuggling, these mega lorry parks are a new weak link in national security. Why do we need so many lorry parks? When Brexit’s new border rules came into effect, traffic through Britain’s ports slowed to a crawl, resulting in queues of lorries stretching for […]

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Why the Supply Chain Crisis is a Security Crisis Too

When essentials run dry, society becomes tense. The ongoing supply chain crisis has already led to violence at petrol stations and it is difficult to predict what goods will next disappear from our shelves. What we can predict is that panic buying will continue to be a side effect of our gridlocked supply chain and a serious security concern. Let’s explore why panic buying happens and what can be done to prevent it turning to violence. Why are people fighting […]

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What Caused the Supply Chain Crisis and When Will it End?

Queues for petrol, empty shelves and Christmas stock worries are the symptoms of a supply chain crisis that has shaken the UK and the world. We must be realistic about the causes of the crisis and how long it will last – neither of which are good news. Global “just-in-time” trade has been stretched to breaking point “Just-in-time” has defined global trade in the 21st century. This methodology is the logistical miracle that enables next-day-delivery convenience and fully-stocked shop shelves. […]

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COVID-19: Poor Warehouse Pandemic Control Puts Us All at Risk

The growth of online shopping has caused tectonic shifts in business, the economy and society itself. Security has changed as well. Just looking at our own contracts over the years, there’s been a clear shift from high street towards warehouses, as is reflective of the retail landscape at large. While COVID-19 has been devastating for brick and mortar retailers it has only accelerated the growth of online shopping and it is safe to assume that many of the customers who […]

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How to Prevent Theft in Warehouses and Distribution Centres

Logistics is the industry of the 21st century. More and more shopping has moved online, resulting in millions of goods moving around the country every day. But the bigger this unfathomably complex network becomes, the more weak links begin to form in the chain. It’s the role of security companies such as us to strengthen them and keep your company running smoothly. What security risks do logistics companies face? Storing and moving goods is always going to come with the […]

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