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Whether Large Events Will be Safe This Year Depends on Security

As of writing, the current restrictions for events – outside of a limited number of government controlled trials – are 1,000 people in attendance (or 50% of a venue’s capacity, if lower) for indoor events and 4,000 people (or 50% of the site’s capacity, if lower) for outdoor events. What we are yet to experience during the pandemic are events with tens to hundreds of thousands of attendees which highlight the festival season. The current expectation is that all remaining […]

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Top Security Tips for Large Scale Events

Large scale events such as music festivals, sporting events and arena shows present some of the biggest security challenges we have to overcome. The more people there are, the higher the risk that a criminal element or an emergency situation can cause panic, property damage, injury and – tragically – even death. Advance security planning is what makes the difference between running an event that becomes a cherished memory for your thousands of guests versus finding yourself responsible for a […]

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