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We’re in the Middle of a Fraud and Cyber Crime Surge

Boris Johnson ignored the surge of cyber crime and fraud when he boasted that 2021 saw a 14% reduction in crime – and it’s easy to see why. Take fraud and cyber crime into account and crime doesn’t reduce by 14% but in fact rises by 14%, driven by a massive 36% increase in fraud and 89% increase in cyber crime. These figures were gathered by the Crime in England and Wales Survey. We covered the survey’s findings for crimes […]

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Did Crime Rates Really Fall in 2021?

While speaking in the House of Commons in February, Boris Johnson claimed that crime had fallen by 14%. This figure, pulled from the Crime Survey of England and Wales, excluded fraud and cyber crime – a fiddling of the figures that was widely condemned. Ignoring the prime minister’s spin, there are many interesting findings in the Crime Survey of England and Wales, which compares crime figures for the year ending September 2021 to the year ending September 2019, providing insight […]

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