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2021 in Review: Magenta Security’s Triumphs and Challenges

As we look back on 2021, the one thing we won’t talk about is COVID. It’s a topic we’ve covered throughout the pandemic and though it was certainly the defining feature of the year, we’re sure you’re as tired of reading about it as we are. Instead, let’s talk about everything else. We launched Threat Evolution, a new cyber security division After years of planning, 2021 was our moment to expand into cyber security. Magenta Security has always taken a […]

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2021 in Review: an Interview with Abbey Petkar on Climate, COVID and Compassion

As we shake off the dust from 2021 and dig in for what the next year has in store, we sit down with Abbey Petkar, Managing Director of Magenta Security, to reflect on the ups, downs and lessons learned from running a security company during yet another historic year.   Looking back on 2021, how would you summarise Magenta Security’s year in business? It’s been a busy year and a difficult year due to COVID, but it hasn’t stopped us […]

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Where to Find Audits, Advice and Networks for Green Businesses

It is easy to look at the current state of the climate and feel that it is too big a problem for any of us to tackle. And it’s true: no one business, no one individual can solve this problem. Luckily, there are thousands of businesses out there who are using their power and influence – no matter how big or small – to create the sustainable, carbon-neutral economy that our climate needs in order to remain stable. Below, you […]

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Web based CCTV Remote Monitoring

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